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Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate

Knowing how well your processes deliver the products or services your customers need is at the heart of Six Sigma. Evaluating when Six Sigma is the right toolkit and where other improvement methodologies like PDCA, Lean, 4DX or Work-Out might work better is critical to efficiency. Six Sigma combines a detailed roadmap (DMAIC: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) with powerful statistical tools to attack and resolve your most critical business issues.

Successful Six Sigma projects produce measurable results and help increase a company’s skills in process optimization and continuous improvement. Each module includes hands-on, application-based learning. Participants will be confident practitioners of the full Six Sigma DMAIC Green Belt toolkit. A Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate is awarded to those participants that attend all five days of training and pass the Green Belt exam. This course preps you for certification, which requires a Green Belt certificate and successfully completing a Green Belt project.

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