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Welcome to USI Pott College of Science, Engineering, and Education

With the challenges that we face from battling a global pandemic to creatively managing our natural resources to educating our youth and keeping the population healthy, USI’s Pott College of Science, Engineering, and Education is poised to lead the charge and lead the change. It is a remarkable place where the talented faculty, staff, and alumni are dedicated to empowering the next generation of inventive thinkers and transforming lives through the power of discovery. I invite you to learn about our many exciting programs, get to know our faculty and staff, and tell us how we can help you reach your goals, achieve your dreams, and support you in your journey to be tomorrow’s creative problem solvers and influential leaders. Our college motto is “Learning by doing”; each of our students participates in life-changing, hands-on learning experiences.

The Pott College of Science, Engineering, and Education maintains a relentless pursuit of academic excellence, but the culture of caring and connection is what makes it special. I am proud to be a member of the Screaming Eagle family and hope that you will join us.

Zane Mitchell, Ph.D., P.E.
Dean, Pott College of Science, Engineering, and Education


Elissa Tam

Elissa Tam ‘22 of Fishers, Indiana, has been awarded the 2022 Trustees Distinguished Merit Award, which recognizes outstanding achievement not only in a student’s major, but also in the liberal arts and sciences that play a key role in core curriculum. As a biology major and world languages and cultures minor, Tam has worked closely with Dr. Alex Champagne, Associate Professor of Biology, on various research projects, including gathering and presenting data on alligator skin lipids. A USI Honors student, Tam, will receive her bachelor's degree in biology at the Pott College of Science, Engineering, and Education commencement ceremony in spring 2022.

Elissa Tam
Department of Biology Distinguished Graduate

I am forever grateful for the endless opportunities USI’s campus has offered me, especially Pott College. Our diverse academic curriculum has not only shaped me to become a better scientist, but also into a person who has learned to persist in the face of failure. My favorite memories during my time pursuing my degree will always be the nights surrounded by my friends studying for exams. We would simultaneously question what was going to be on the test, ponder the best restaurant as our dinner reward, and laugh about how stressed we were. Also behind my achievements are the star professors who have invested their valuable time and hard work to help me reach my goals. To all our professors and faculty, I thank you because I wouldn’t be who I am today without your guidance. All my experiences here at USI have fostered my dedication to life-long learning and treating others with compassion.

As I wrap up my chapter here at USI, I will continue to pursue a doctorate in medicine after my gap year of working in the hospital. I strive to become a palliative care physician who can touch the lives of others while learning from their struggles. Life is beautiful and filled with love. For that reason alone, I hope to become a doctor who can celebrate these joys with my patients during their most vulnerable moments.

Dr. Renee Frimming

Dr. Renee Frimming, Professor of Kinesiology and Sport, and Chair of Kinesiology and Sport department was recognized during the USI Multicultural Center's Phenomenal Women program. Dr. Frimming was one of nine women selected for their contributions to diversity at USI and in the Evansville communities.


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