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Law School Admission Test (LSAT) Preparation Course

In light of developments with the outbreak of COVID-19, this course will now be an online instructor-led course. 

The LSAT is the required entrance exam for most U.S. law schools. LSAT scores are perhaps the single most important factor considered by admissions committees in assessing applicants. In some cases, strong LSAT scores can make the difference in acceptance into highly ranked schools or in garnering thousands in competitive scholarships.

This four-week course covers the format and structure of the LSAT, teaches test-taking strategies and trains students in logical reasoning and analysis—the skills required for success on the exam.

The LSAT is comprised of five sections measuring three intellectual skills: logical reasoning, analytical reasoning and reading comprehension. Weeks one and two of the course focus on “logic games,” while weeks three and four focus on logical reasoning and reading comprehension, respectively.

Class each day consists of a mixture of lecture and work on practice questions. Typically, a short period of instruction is followed by the completion of a problem set. Subsequently, the questions are reviewed and discussed along with strategies for the successful approach of various types of questions.

Students will take a practice LSAT exam on the first and last days of the course to measure progress.

Instructor: Nicholas LaRowe
Date: 7/20- 8/14 Class meets Monday through Friday.
Schedule: 20 session(s)
Time: 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Location: USI Online Instructor-led
Fee: $990
Contact hours: 80

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