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USI Today Tuesday, April 24, 2018

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On the Bookshelf: Pycior’s short stories follow a series of characters torn by conflict

“Deep in the landlocked heart of the Midwest, the characters in The Spoils are drowning under the weight of masculinity, paralyzed in the grip of things left unsaid."

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Nelson steps up to challenges to earn MBA

When making the decision to go back to school to get her Master in Business Administration (MBA), she found herself asking not whether she should get her degree, but if she had what it takes.

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Turner partners with Jamaica University to compare and contrast social work practices

Dr. Wendy Turner, associate professor of social work, has been taking students to Jamaica for the last 14 years and still finds new avenues for teaching through a service-learning course that exposes student’s to a wide variety of experiences.

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What is graphic design and how to do it better

Xinran Hu, associate professor of graphic design, shares with us a few considerations and decisions graphic designers need to make, as well as a few general tips to think about when designing.

Faculty Achievements


Willis co-writes curriculum, to launch it at Shanghai Early Childhood Conference

Dr. Clarissa Willis, associate chair and associate professor of Teacher Education, co-wrote a curriculum with Lui Tong and Walter Gilliam of Yale University. She launches it as the keynote speaker at the Shanghai Early Childhood Conference in China.

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