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Southwest Indiana STEM

Southwest Indiana STEM

STEM Initiatives at the University of Southern Indiana

  • To create a science- and mathematics-literate workforce that provides a sustainable economic advantage to the region and community.

  • To support effective STEM education critical to the current and future economic vitality and quality of life in the state, region, and nation.

  • To provide a continuous supply of highly trained technologists to meet the workforce demands of our economy's growth sectors.

  • To maintain supportive resources to help Indiana's K-12 schools build the capacity necessary to make immediate and sustained gains in delivery of STEM educational achievement for their students.

  • To encourage involvement of a coalition of leaders from business, higher education, scientific institutions, and K-12 education in guidance and policy formation of a state-wide STEM Resource Network.


What SwISTEM Can Do For...

Teachers: The SwISTEM Resource Center offers a nurturing, team-oriented approach to STEM education for teachers. The center distributes and demonstrates best practices in STEM education, such as: SwISTEM Professional Development for K-16 teachers, and Summer STEM workshops in biology, chemistry, geology, physics, math and engineering.

Middle & High School Students: The SwISTEM Resource Center encourages students to consider careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. STEM activities motivate students to select STEM majors. Also, the SwISTEM Resource Center advocates STEM-related competitions and camps; these contests and activities give students and teachers the opportunity to experience the STEM disciplines. Some examples of activities are: Tri-State Science and Engineering Fair, Project Lead the Way Conference, and many others.

Parents: The SwISTEM Resource Center equips parents with ways to identify STEM-related activities and courses, both inside and outside the classroom, so they can support their child's STEM education.

School Administrators: Schools need highly skilled educators who can motivate and educate students in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Teachers will be given recent research-based practices in STEM subjects.

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