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Outdoor Adventure

Garden of the Gods outdoor adventure trip

The Outdoor Adventure Program introduces students to the beautiful surroundings in the area. These activities help students develop an appreciation for the environment, and learn lifelong skills that contribute to their social, physical, emotional, and intellectual growth and development.

Fall 2018

 Trips  Date/Time  Cost

 Whitewater Rafting & Camping 

Saturday, Sept. 8th - 9th

9:00am - 4/5:00pm (next day)

Deadline 9/3

Sign up at the RFWC

Caving Trip

Saturday, Sept. 22nd

9:00am - 4/5:00pm 

Deadline 9/17 Sign up on Imleagues
Fall Hiking & Camping 

Saturday, Oct. 6th - 8th

9:00am - 4/5:00pm 

Deadline 10/1 Sign up on Imleagues

 Garden of the Gods Hiking Trip

Saturday, Oct. 20th

9:00am - 4/5:00pm 

Deadline 10/15 Sign up on Imleagues

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