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A club sport at the University of Southern Indiana (USI) is defined as:

"Students from USI athletically competing against club teams at other institutions of higher learning."

If the club sport you want to start fits the definition above, then you're in the right place.  Begin by determining if you have what it takes (the time, skills, and passion) to get your club started. If so, we have developed a structure to help you think through the process so that you will be successful in your endeavor:  Why - Who - What - How

Why should your club exist?

Before you begin, take some time to think through why you want to start a club at USI, and work through a rough draft of a vision / mission statement. Having this established early on will help keep you moving forward through the process when it gets difficult.

Who will participate?

A successful club needs to have participating members. This is the who of the process.  Begin writing down the names of those who would be interested in joining the club after you get it started. It is impossible to lead strangers, so you will need to start building friendships with these people as soon as possible.

Who will you compete against?

Begin to compile a list of organizations that do what you do, and start contacting them to see if they can work you into their schedule for competitions.  This can be a great learning process to ask questions and know how other clubs operate. 

Who will be your coach(es)?

Each club sport at USI has a coach. Some have multiple coaches.  This is a key to your success, and you should begin thinking about asking someone to coach your team.  Every coach for club sports at USI is required to sign the USI Coach's Code of Conduct document. This can be found on the paperwork page mentioned below.

What do you want to accomplish? 

When you begin to recruit people into your club, you will be sharing with them what the club is all about, and what you plan to accomplish together.  Clarity is key. Take time to write down what goals you plan to accomplish as a team, and keep track of where you are so you can celebrate when you successfully complete a goal.

How are you going to do it?

This is the part where you get creative, ask questions, and be humble enough to admit you don't know everything. Every Club Sport team is run by individual students. Only students are allowed to start clubs at USI, not coaches or faculty. That being said, don't reinvent the wheel. The staff at the University of Southern Indiana are extremely helpful, and might be able to answer your questions quickly or at least point you in the right direction. 

Possible Next Steps (links below)

  1. You should start by creating a student organization on the website for Student Development.  They use OrgSync, an online software that keeps track of each club and their status on campus.  They will assign you an advisor until you can find one for yourself, but you will need the following information to sign up on OrgSync:

         - President, Vice President and Advisor information
         - Your club's Constitution and Bylaws


  2. There is much to do when starting a club.  To get a head start, click the button below:  


  3. You can join an event to see how other clubs work, ask questions, and start networking.


  4. You can also contact our office if you have any questions.  Good Luck!





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