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COVID-19 Information for USI Employees

We've grouped COVID-19 specific information in relation to USI Benefits on it's own page. Please visit this site often as changes are made to state and federal guidance, treatment/testing costs information, and emergency leave information.


Flu Shots on Campus

The University Health Center (UHC) is once again providing flu shots for USI students and employees. All students and employees who wish to receive a flu shot on campus are asked to schedule an appointment online. Appointments can also be made by calling the UHC at 812-465-1250, though online scheduling is preferred. Employees covered by any USI Anthem medical plan may receive a flu shot at no cost and should bring their University ID and Anthem medical card to their appointment.

Full article in USI Today

COVID-19 Treatment - member cost share waived until September 13, 2020

USI has been actively monitoring the COVID-19 situation and is here to support our faculty and staff during this challenging time.  We’ve been working with our medical plan provider, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Indiana, to ensure you have access to COVID-19 testing and treatment as well as improved access to all telehealth services.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact.

The USI Anthem Core and HSA medical plans will waive prior authorization, all deductibles and copays for members seeking COVID-19 testing and treatment.  To receive the testing and treatment at no cost, your care must be ordered by a physician and you must meet the criteria for possible COVID-19 diagnosis established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

You’re encouraged to seek the appropriate level of care quickly to minimize the spread of the virus and help ensure that you and your family stay healthy and productive.  Please note that these changes apply to COVID-19 only.  If you’re tested or treated for other illnesses during this time, your regular plan deductibles, coinsurance and copays will apply. 

Telemedicine - member cost share waived until September 13, 2020

Your in-network doctor or telehealth provider should be your first choice for care unless you’re experiencing life-threatening symptoms and require emergency care.  Your telehealth visit is a good place to discuss your concerns and symptoms.  Your costs for telehealth services – not just for COVID-19 related visits – will be waived temporarily during the outbreak.  Use telehealth for common conditions, such as eye infections, rash/skin irritation, migraines, to avoid possible COVID-19 exposure at a doctor office or urgent care facility.  Visit for 24/7/365 access to a doctor through video using your smartphone, tablet or computer.     

Remember you also have a 24/7 Nurseline available to you for free at 800.337.4770. 

Testing for COVID-19
The University is working with Anthem, to waive the members' cost share, including copays, coinsurance and deductibles, for diagnostic testing related to COVID-19, as well as for the in-network visit associated with COVID-19 testing, whether it takes place at a doctor's office, urgent care center or emergency department.

New prescription options
As the impact of COVID-19 continues to evolve at an unanticipated scale, the health and well-being of our members remains our top priority. To ensure our members have access to the medications they need in the days and weeks ahead, USI and CVS Caremark have lifted refill-too-soon restrictions, allowing members taking maintenance medications to obtain early refills (up to 10 days) of their prescription medications if they have refills remaining on-file at a participating retail or mail-order pharmacy. 

CARES Act New Allowances

Making a retirement plan/account distribution/withdrawal - Participants able to take a retirement plan/account withdrawal through December 31, 2020 without the 20% mandatory federal tax withholding or 10% early withdrawal penalty.

Taking a retirement plan loan - Through September 23, 2020, eligible loan amounts are revised from 50% to 100% of vested balance, up to $100,000 (still requires collateral for collateralized loans). Through December 31, 2020, participants can request a suspension of loan repayments up to one year.

Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) for 2020 - RMDs may be suspended for 2020, allowing opportunity to recoup any market loss and savings to build back up.

IRA contributions Deadline - For 2019, tax year IRA contributions deadline extended

to July 15.

Wellness Resources

Our 2019 Wellness Fair was a great success, we love seeing people of all ages come out to learn about wellness. USI supports employees with their wellness goals. Keep your wellness on track, visit the Rec Center for group exercise, educational workshops and wellness resources. Did you know that USI has multiple trails on and around campus? Visit the USI Trails website for maps and information.   

Additional Benefits

The University also offers on-campus benefits and conveniences such as use of the Recreation, Fitness and Wellness Center, University Health Center, Dental Clinic, and Rice Library. Discounts are available at the USI Campus Store and Screaming Eagles athletic home games.

Tuition fee waivers are available for eligible employees, their spouses and dependents. Employees may also have fees waived for noncredit courses offered by Outreach and Engagement. 

Off campus benefits including local business employee discounts also are available. 

Need a form? Check out the Benefits Portal page for the latest benefits forms. 

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