Resident Handbook

Living on campus means sharing your living space with other students as well as learning how to live with roommates and respecting each other’s individuality. This resident guide will help you navigate Housing and Residence Life policies and procedures, University services and campus resources so that you can live peacefully and securely.

If you have questions about the handbook, please call Housing and Residence Life at 812-468-2000 or email Living.

*Information in this handbook is subject to change without notice.

Campus and Resident Services

Bikes are not allowed inside apartments or residence hall suites.  They must be kept in a bike rack. There are several located throughout housing.  In addition, bikes cannot be kept in laundry rooms or on apartment balconies. 

Computer Labs
There are computer labs across campus and in the housing areas that are open during select hours of the week. Students can use these labs to do homework, research, and check email. Most library services can be accessed from any computer lab. For more information about labs and hours, please see

There are pay printers for residents to use located in each of the residence halls, Residence Life Community Center and the lobby of the Housing and Residence Life office.  Residents need their Eagle Access Card to use these printers.

There are pay copy machines located around campus for student use. Residents can use their Eagle Access Cards to pay for copies. There is a student copier located in the Residence Life Community Center. Problems with a copy machine should be directed to the Copy Center at 812-464-1889.

Eagle Access Card
Budgeting your on-campus spending can be a problem. Having money available for books, supplies, printing, food, special event tickets, etc., often requires credit cards, checkbooks, or visits to the automatic bank teller.

Having the Eagle Access Card virtually eliminates the need to carry cash. Your Eagle Access Card serves as a means of access to different stored value accounts. For more information about Eagle Access Cards, please visit their website or contact the Eagle Access Office at 812-465-1124.

Events and Programming
Housing and Residence Life offers a wide variety of programming to residents. To learn more about what is happening in Housing, see the events website or the Housing portal on Eagle Sync.

Laundry Facilities
Laundry facilities in O'Daniel South, residence halls and the Community Center use coins or the Eagle Access Card. The laundry rooms in McDonald East are coin operated only. Currently, the cost to wash is $1.50 per load and to dry $1.25. 

Residence Halls
Laundry rooms are located on the second floor of each residence hall. 

O’Daniel South
A laundry room is located directly in the Residence Life Resource Center behind the Office of Religious Life. 

O’Daniel North and McDonald West
A laundry room is located in the Residence Life Community Center. 

McDonald East
A washer and a dryer are located in the stairwell of each building. Residents who wish to use these laundry facilities will have to use quarters to pay for their laundry.

What do I do if I experience a problem with a washer or a dryer?
The laundry facilities are managed through an outside vendor called CSC ServiceWorks. If you experience an issue with a washer or dryer, you must report it to them. If CSC does not know about the issue, it cannot be fixed. USI maintenance does not handle laundry repairs. Please follow the two-step process below to report these laundry issues.

  1. Submit a service request
  2. Call the HRL office at 812-468-2000 to tell us which machine is not working. You will need to provide the number labeled on the machine, i.e. washer #12. HRL will put an “Out of Order” sign on the machine until it has been fixed.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call our office at 812-468-2000.

Laundry Refunds

Please go to the HRL office or call 812-468-2000. You will need to provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Student ID
  • Location of Loss
  • Date of Loss
  • Amount of Loss

Visit the CSC refund website. You will need to provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Reason for Refund
  • Location of Loss
  • Amount of Loss

Living@USI Newsletter
In order to keep residents informed about events, programs, policies, and situations that may impact the housing community, residents receive a weekly email newsletter. Housing and Residence Life utilizes the online services of Constant Contact to send the email. In addition, this is also how residents are updated on services available when inclement weather or other circumstances may alter regular business operations.

Mail and Package Delivery Services
Mail service is provided to residents. Please visit Mail and Packages to learn more.

Meal Plans
Residents in the apartments are not required to have a meal plan. 

Students assigned to the residence halls must choose either Red, White, or Blue Eagle meal plan. These plans are $2,235 per semester for the 2020-2021 academic year. Meal plan rates and descriptions can be found at

All residents of Housing and Residence Life are required to register their vehicle and obtain and display a parking permit decal denoting their area of residence. During fall and spring semesters, housing residents may not park in campus lots between 7:30 a.m. and 3 p.m., Monday-Friday, on days when classes are in session.

Visit the Parking website at to register your vehicle, learn parking policies, find where you can park and more. Contact Parking by phone at 812-465-1091 with any questions or for additional information about parking services at USI.

Rave Alert
Log into myUSI and click the Rave Alert icon on the dashboard to begin. USI Rave Alert gives critical and timely warnings – via email, text message, and voice message – about emergencies, severe weather, and other incidents impacting the University community. You can add additional emails, mobile numbers and landline numbers.

Housing and Residence Life offers recycling services on campus. Newman and Governors Halls, O’Bannon and Ruston Halls, McDonald East, McDonald West, O’Daniel North, and O’Daniel South each have a clearly marked recycle center. Recycling centers are co-located with the dumpsters throughout the apartment areas. In the residence halls recycling centers are located separately. Recycle containers are available by submitting a work order through Fix My Home.

What can you recycle?
USI uses single-stream recycling which means you do not have to separate items. Recycle items can be mixed together. Accepted recyclables are office paper, newspaper, mixed paper, books, magazines, junk mail, phone books, corrugated cardboard (flattened out), non-contaminated cardboard, aluminum/tin/steel cans (rinse out), and plastic (PETE 1, HDPE 2, V 3, LDPE 4, PP 5, OTHER 7).

Items not accepted that should be put in the dumpster: food waste, soiled paper, pizza boxes, wax paper, milk/ice cream/juice cartons, incandescent light bulbs, styrofoam, foam egg cartons, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, plastic bags, film, and glass jars/bottles/dishes.

Shuttle Bus
For the convenience of our students, USI and METS (Metropolitan Evansville Transit System) provide bus transportation on campus and to the Eagle Plaza and Schnuck's Transfer Terminal for USI students. There is no charge for students providing a valid University ID (Eagle Access Card). For specific stop locations and a map of the shuttle bus route, please visit their website at

Real-time tracking of the buses serving the USI campus is available courtesy of DoubleMap at

University Health Center
The University Health Center is a full-service clinic offering medical services and health-related information to students, faculty, and staff. It is located in the lower level of the Health Professions Center. The healthcare providers at the University Health Center are employed by Deaconess Clinic, and work in harmony with the University to meet the health needs of the students. If you have questions or comments, feel free to call the Health Center at 812-465-1250.

In the residence halls, vending machines are located on the first floor of the buildings. In the on-campus apartment areas, vending machines are located in the Housing and Residence Life office and the O’Daniel South laundry facility. Many vending machines will accept your Eagle Access Card for payment, provided you have put money in your account.

If you have a problem with a vending machine, contact Procurement Services at 812-464-1848. Make sure you have the machine number and location on hand when you call.

Check Out Procedures

Check Out
Students must check out of University housing by no later than noon on Wednesday, December 18, 2020, for the fall and no later than 6 p.m. Wednesday, May 7, 2021, for the spring. Residents are expected to move out of housing within 24 hours after their last final examination. If a resident has a final at 12 p.m. or later on May 7, 2021, they should submit an online request to stay late and may check out by noon the next day. If students are living in housing in the fall and are returning for spring, they do not need to move their belongings; they leave and may return on or after January 8, 2021.

Check Out Extensions
Check out extensions will be considered for any student who provides a compelling reason for a late check out. Requests must be made using the online form on myUSI via the Housing icon.

Check Out Procedures
The following procedures must be followed to avoid the $200 improper check out charge:

  • Remove all your belongings (including trash) at the end of the fall semester if you ARE NOT returning in the spring. If you are returning, you need only remove trash and perishable food items.
  • Sweep, mop and vacuum all floors.
  • Dust all counters and drawers.
  • Clean and sanitize the kitchen, refrigerator, and stove.
  • Clean bathroom, tub, toilet, sink, and mirrors.
  • Check out with your RA. If you cannot find your RA, return your key to the Housing and Residence Life office.

Improper Check Out
Failure to properly check out will result in an improper check out charge of $200. This charge is in addition to any damage charges, losses, cleaning charges or room/board assessment. Failure to return your key will result in an improper check out charge, as well as a $60 lock change fee.

Abandoned Property
All personal property must be removed from University housing at the time of check out or contract termination. Personal property that remains after an official check out deadline is considered abandoned and will be removed and disposed of by the University. Students will be charged for the disposal of abandoned property.

Residents are responsible for the removal of trash in and around their apartment or suite. Leaving trash outside apartments or in hallways is prohibited. Charges will be assessed to student accounts for improper trash disposal.

Stay Late Fall/Spring Semesters
Residents who need to stay beyond the last day of the semester may complete an online request to stay late. Stay late is not available for fall 2020.  Please remember that this is only a request and is subject to approval by Housing and Residence Life staff.

See University Breaks for more information about staying late at the end of the fall semester.

Contract Terms and Conditions

See 2020-2021 Contract Terms and Conditions for full description of the housing contract.

Emergency Procedures

Housing and Residence Life is committed to protecting the safety and welfare of its residents. Visit Emergency Procedures for more information.

For more detailed emergency information, please visit the University's Emergency Information website.


Living on campus is a great experience, and USI offers quality facilities to our resident students. However, from time to time things in your apartment or suite may not work properly, and you may need some assistance. Facilities Operations and Planning manages maintenance concerns for residents. The following information is meant to help you figure out the best way to fix your home in the event that something breaks.

It is the resident’s responsibility to report any damage to their apartment or suite on the room inspection form. Failure to do so may result in the assessment of damage charges. To access the room inspection form go to the Housing portal on myUSI.

Community Damages
Damages that are unable to be attributed to an individual may be prorated among the residents of the building or floor where the damage occurred. These charges will be assessed to student accounts. Students are encouraged to report acts of vandalism to Housing and Residence Life so that the responsible person(s) will be charged.

Facility Damages
Residents are liable for all damages to their apartment or residence hall suite incurred by the resident or their guests. During check-out, Housing and Residence Life will assess damage charges to individual accounts throughout the academic year for any damaged or vandalized property. Final charges will be determined by a walk through by Housing and Residence Life staff. Upon request, Housing and Residence Life staff can do a preliminary check with you on the day you check out. During the year, when a resident checks out, Housing and Residence Life staff will check the apartment or suite.

Healthy Living Tips
Follow these tips to ensure a healthy living environment.

Pest Control
Pest control is considered primarily the responsibility of the resident. There are some basic things you can do on your own to decrease the likelihood of contracting a pest problem.

The easiest way to prevent a pest problem in your apartment or residence hall suite is to keep your living area clean and uncluttered.

Keep all food in sealed containers; open food is an invitation for uninvited pests.

Vacuum and sweep floors regularly—this will help tremendously.

Pest control services are on campus every week on Wednesday to address requests. Therefore, all pest control requests need to be in by Tuesday at 2 p.m. If you need pest control, follow the procedures under Submit a Work Order. If it is an emergency, call Fix My Home at 812-468-2176.

Self Help Maintenance
Our Self-Help Maintenance Guide covers those minor maintenance items that you can do for yourself or enlist the aid of your RA to help you get it fixed. If you have a maintenance emergency, contact 812-468-2176 immediately. A maintenance emergency is any condition that can or has the potential to do harm to a person or to property. If you call 812-468-2176 and it is not an emergency, personnel will direct you to follow the procedures in the Self-Help Maintenance Guide.

Staff Entering Your Apartment or Suite
USI maintenance staff will enter apartments and residence hall rooms in the absence of residents in order to conduct routine maintenance, repairs, and respond to emergencies.

USI staff may enter an apartment or suite to perform a check out inspection or to take readings on the health of your room.

Staff will attempt to contact residents and will knock on doors prior to entering. All staff will have proper identification.

Submit a Work Order
If you need any work done that you cannot do yourself, submit a Fix My Home work order. Click on Fix My Home on the main housing web page. Maintenance, custodial, or pest control problems that are from resident neglect of their apartment or suite will be charged to the resident(s) according to the Housing and Food Service Contract and the Student Rights and Responsibilities: A Code of Student Behavior.

Please note the Fix My Home work order is only for maintenance issues. If you need assistance with internet, please contact the IT Help Desk at 812-465-1080.

General Housing Policies

At the beginning of each semester, Housing and Residence Life initiates a process called consolidation. During this time, students living in University housing units that are not fully occupied are moved to new locations to maintain full occupancy in as many facilities as possible.

There are many reasons for this process. First, it allows HRL to begin refurbishing units that are emptied prior to the summer, thereby allowing for a smoother transition from spring to summer housing. Second, it allows the discontinued use of appliances and electricity in these units, thereby saving valuable resources for students. Third, it keeps the living arrangements for all housing residents equitable.

The general process is as follows:

  • Notification and explanation of process sent to students
  • Request for room changes accepted
  • Consolidation assignments made by Housing and Residence Life
  • Notification of new assignments sent to students
  • Moves begin
  • Requests for single room (if space is available) are accepted by published deadline

Students paying for a four-person/two-bedroom, two-person/two-bedroom, two-person/one-bedroom or one-
person/one-bedroom when vacancies occur agree to accept re-assignment to a new apartment or residence hall suite to achieve full occupancy. If you wish to retain lower occupancy of an apartment or suite, you must make your request in writing and pay all additional fees. Students who refuse to consolidate will be charged the single bedroom fee. Consolidation will begin after the 12th class day of each semester.

There is no curfew for residents living in housing.

Door Propping
Students found propping open exterior doors in any housing facility may face contract termination as this is a security risk for the community. This includes exterior doors in McDonald East apartment area, the sealed glass sliding doors in McDonald East, residence hall entry doors, residence hall wing doors, or any unattended residence hall suite door or apartment entry door.

Any door found propped could result in a disciplinary fine. Propped doors that are not attributed to an individual may be prorated among all residents of that building or wing.

Early Arrivals
Students who need to move in early must complete the online request form. Please remember that this is merely a request and subject to approval by Housing and Residence Life staff. The form may be found on myUSI via the Housing icon.

Housing Renewal
For current USI residents, housing renewal takes place in March. Residents who contract prior to renewal can select their space for the next academic year. An email with an appointment day and time for renewal will be sent to residents’ myUSI email accounts.

Residents who do not go through March renewal and have a signed contract can select space in June. An email with an appointment day and time for room selection will be sent to residents’ myUSI email accounts.

Housing Shortages
In the event of a housing shortage, Housing and Residence Life reserves the right to place students in reserved single rooms. Housing and Residence Life further reserves the right to allot temporary assignments and place three students in a bedroom providing bed and storage space for each resident. As housing becomes available, the last resident assigned must move to regular accommodations.

USI requires that students submit documentation regarding specific immunizations prior to checking into housing. Failure to submit immunization records may result in contract termination with full contract cancellation penalties. For more information about USI’s immunization policy, see the University Health Center website.

Lock Outs
If a resident is locked out of their apartment or residence hall suite, the student should call the HRL front desk (812-468-2000) during business hours and complete the online Lock-Out form on myUSI. A staff member will let the resident back into their room. 

If the lock out occurs after business hours, the resident should contact Public Safety (812-464-1845) to gain entrance back into the room. Students still need to complete the online Lock-Out form.

There is no charge for the first lock out of each semester for each student. The second and subsequent lock out of the semester will result in an administrative fee being placed on the student’s USI account.

Lost Key
If a resident loses an apartment key or residence hall key card, they should submit the Lost Key form. HRL will issue a new key card for residence hall students. In the case of apartments, it may be necessary to recore the door lock.

Replacement key cards and keys are subject to a $60 fee that will be added to the student’s USI account.

Online Forms
Housing and Residence Life offers a variety of services online via forms found on myUSI through the Housing icon.

Quiet and/or Courtesy Hours
Violation of quiet and/or courtesy hours is considered disorderly conduct. Courtesy hours are always in effect. Community residents and/or Housing and Residence Life staff reserve the right to ask people to observe courtesy hours at all times. Quiet hours are:

  • Sunday–Thursday, 10 p.m.–8 a.m.
  • Friday–Saturday, Midnight–8 a.m.

24-hour quiet hours begin the night before final exams are administered.

Student equipment (stereos, televisions, musical instruments, alarms, etc.) that continues to be a noise problem will be confiscated by staff. Items will be stored for 10 working days. Unclaimed items will be disposed of by Housing and Residence Life.

Renter’s Insurance
The University of Southern Indiana strongly advises that personal renter’s insurance be purchased by students living in housing. USI shall not be directly or indirectly liable for loss or theft of personal property, or for damage or destruction of such property by fire, water, or other causes. Check your family’s homeowner’s insurance policy; college students living on campus may be covered.

University Health Center Enrollment
All students living in USI housing are required to subscribe to the University health care program. These fees will be added to your University account. Contact the University Health Center at 812-465-1250 with any questions.

Vacancy Inspections
Housing and Residence may move or reassign students as needed. When there is a vacancy in an apartment or residence hall, students must keep the vacant space clean in order for another student to move in. Housing and Residence Life staff will inspect vacancies to ensure the space is ready and make every attempt to give residents 24 hours’ notice before a roommate or suitemate moves in.

Guests/Overnight Guests/Cohabitation

Fall 2020/Spring 2021 Guest Policy Update
To maintain the health and safety of the USI campus, only students assigned to an apartment or residence hall room are permitted in their assigned living space. No guests are permitted in residence hall rooms or apartments. Overnight guests are not permitted. Staff may still need to enter these living spaces in performance of their job duties. 

The University will continue to monitor the rapidly changing COVID-19 climate and follow the recommendations and guidance from the State, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Indiana State Department of Health and local healthcare providers. The guest policy will be reviewed throughout the semester and updates made as needed.

Guest Policy
Guests in University housing is a privilege and must be respected in order to maintain an environment conducive to student learning, growth and safety. Housing and Residence Life may revoke guest privileges if necessary to ensure the safety and privacy of the community. Permission must be given by the roommate(s) for a guest (housing resident or non-resident) to be present in an apartment or residence hall suite.


  • Residents are responsible for the behavior of their guests. Residents will be charged for any and all violations caused by their guests.
  • Guests are prohibited from staying in the apartments or residence halls without the resident. These individuals will be asked to leave by Public Safety officers or Housing and Residence Life staff if found unescorted or unaccompanied in or around University housing property. Residents who leave guests unattended will be held responsible.
  • Number of Guests - The maximum capacity of any two-bedroom apartment or residence hall suite is eight (8) persons, including both residents and guests. A one-bedroom apartment or residence hall suite has a maximum capacity of four (4) persons, including both residents and guests.

Overnight Guests

  • Overnight guests can stay up to two consecutive nights (no more than once per month).
  • No more than two guests per resident are allowed to stay overnight in a room and total number of occupants in a room cannot exceed the capacity listed in
  • Permission must be given by roommate(s) prior to any guest staying overnight.
  • Overnight guests must register their vehicle with Parking, display a temporary parking permit and park only in designated non-resident visitor parking.

Guest Hours

  • Sunday –Thursday: 7 a.m.– Midnight
  • Friday and Saturday: 7 a.m.– 2 a.m.

Multipurpose rooms, lounges, computer labs and other public areas within the residence hall areas are available for individuals to study together after guest hours.  All guests staying past guest hours must be registered with Housing and Residence Life.

Living or staying for any pattern of time in an apartment or suite without an official current USI housing contract for that particular space will be considered cohabitation. Cohabitation is defined as a person (housing resident or non-resident) staying in an apartment or suite for more than two (2) consecutive nights, or other patterned behavior that is intended to allow an individual to stay beyond guest hours. Non-registered guests can be considered as an instance of cohabitation. The resident who allows cohabitation to occur can be held accountable. Students found responsible for a violation of the cohabitation policy may be charged a conduct fine of $50, charged for use of the facility or charged for each night the non-contracted person spent in residence.

For more information see the Student Rights and Responsibilities: A Code of Student Behavior.

Living on Campus - Your Room

Bed Linens/Mattress
Residents must provide their own bed linens. Twin size beds are provided in four-person/two-bedroom apartments and residence hall suites.  Each bed comes with a standard size mattress. Full size beds are provided in designated single rooms in apartments. Residents who choose to buy out a bedroom side (apartments only) will have two twin beds.  Residents may not bring their own mattresses.

There are a limited number of extra-long mattresses for those taller than 6’3”. Contact Housing and Residence Life to request an extra-long mattress.

Residents must provide their own cleaning supplies and are responsible for cleaning their own space as well as common areas in suites and apartments. If a resident’s room is not clean before check out at the end of the academic year, they could be charged for excessive cleaning.

Each apartment has a kitchen, but there is no place to cook in the residence halls. The only cooking appliances allowed in residence halls are microwaves, blenders and coffee makers with an automatic shut off feature. There are charcoal grills located around housing. Only self-lighting charcoal may be used.

Residents are allowed to hang pictures and posters in their apartments and residence hall suites. Housing and Residence Life strongly encourages residents to use Command Strips or small picture nails only. Large nails, staples, screws, wall anchors, poster putty, or tape on walls or doors inside or outside are prohibited. TV wall mounts are not allowed. Residents may be subject to damage charges regardless of what is used to hang items and/or if they attempt to repair the damage.

You may find more information about exterior and interior guidelines in the Student Rights and Responsibilities: A Code of Student Behavior.

All Housing and Residence Life facilities are fully furnished.  Due to limited space in housing, furniture may not be removed from student apartments or residence hall suites. Students may not bring their own furniture including beds, mattresses, couches, etc.

Light Bulbs
If you need a florescent light bulb replaced, submit a work order through Fix My Home. Residents are responsible for purchasing and replacing all other light bulbs. Housing and Residence Life recommends LED bulbs only. Residents may not replace LED bulbs with any other kind of bulb.

Halogen light bulbs are prohibited.

Lofts and risers are prohibited in apartments and residence halls.

Local and Long Distance Service
Each room has a telephone jack that is designed for a specific phone type. Residents may not plug in their own phones. Residents who want a landline phone may contact Information Technology (812-465-1080) to request a phone. The phone and local service will be provided at no charge. Long distance service is available by paying additional fees.

Network/Computer Access
All Housing and Residence Life facilities are equipped for Internet access—both high speed and wireless. In order to assist you with connecting to the USI Internet service, USI Information Technology technicians will be on hand during the first week after move-in at various locations within housing. Contact the Information Technology Help Desk at 812-465-1080 for specific times and locations. Residents must provide Ethernet cord.

Animals are not allowed. Only small fish are allowed in both the residence halls and apartments. Aquariums must be 20 gallons or less.

Shower Liner/Towel Bar
A shower liner is provided in all apartment and residence hall suite bathrooms. There is also a towel bar in each bathroom.

The USI campus is tobacco-free. Smoking and the use of e-cigarettes is prohibited in all campus facilities.  For the full University policy, see

Previously basic cable was provided in housing, however, starting for fall 2020 residents will have SpectrumU, a TV streaming service. The cost of this service is included in the housing rate. For more information, visit SpectrumU.

All costs for utilities (electric, Internet - high speed/wireless, water, local phone, trash/recycling) are included in student housing rates.  The University pays these utilities as a convenience for the student.  Residents who abuse this convenience by running the air conditioning unit with doors and windows open, leaving water running, not reporting water leaks, etc., may be charged the extra costs associated with this abuse or neglect. Residents can also face fines/disciplinary action for this behavior.

Window Coverings
Blinds are provided for windows in residence hall suites and apartments. Blinds may not be removed. Curtains are allowed if hung using tension rods. In the apartments there must be a one-foot clearance of the air conditioning unit so it can function properly. Window dimensions can vary slightly from building to building so it is recommended you wait until after you move in to measure for curtains.

Roommate Bill of Rights/Roommate Agreement/Room Change Process

Fall 2020 Room Change Process Update
In an effort to protect residents and minimize the risk of COVID-19, room change requests will only be reviewed for emergency situations. If you feel your situation warrants a room change, please complete the room change request form on myUSI. HRL staff will contact you and if approved, you will be notified by email with details on how to complete your move. If you feel unsafe in your living environment, please contact your area coordinator or Public Safety immediately.

Roommate Bill of Rights
This declaration outlines basic rights and responsibilities that will help healthy roommate relationships develop.

All Roommates Have the Right

  1. To privacy
  2. To respect
  3. To open communication
  4. To mutually clean living quarters
  5. To personal safety and security of possessions
  6. To comfortable sleep and study conditions
  7. To be asked before their possessions are used
  8. To stay true to their own values
  9. To agree to disagree
  10. To ask Housing and Residence Life staff for assistance when needed
  11. To be treated civilly
  12. To comfortable living space
  13. To get their messages in a timely manner
  14. To a room free of policy violations

All Roommates Have the Responsibility

  1. To respect one another’s privacy
  2. To respect themselves and others
  3. To communicate openly with their roommate and discuss potential conflicts before they get out of hand
  4. To keep their living space neat and clean
  5. To lock doors and maintain personal/possession safety
  6. To maintain a comfortable environment for sleep and study purposes
  7. To treat one another’s possessions with care and to ask before borrowing personal items
  8. To respect differences
  9. To compromise
  10. To enlist the help of Housing and Residence Life staff when a difficult roommate issue arises
  11. To be kind and civil with no intent to harm
  12. To check with one another before having overnight guests
  13. To pass on messages to their roommate in a timely manner
  14. To abide by all housing rules and regulations

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Roommate Agreement/Room Change Process
The goal of the roommate agreement/room change process is to promote proactive communication between the residents. All residents are required to complete a roommate agreement in conjunction with their roommates and RA by the end of the second week of the fall semester.

Resident assistants are a valuable resource when dealing with roommate issues. All RAs are trained and equipped with the skills necessary to help you achieve harmony in your room. However, there are times when a room change may be the best solution. If you have talked with your roommate and consulted your RA and still experience issues, then your area coordinator may consider moving you to a new room/apartment. If it is evident that you have done all you can to resolve your issues, then a room change may be granted based on the availability of spaces. For more information about the process, contact your resident assistant, area coordinator, or the Housing and Residence Life office.

Room Change Schedule
Fall 2020 – emergency moves only
Spring 2021 – TBA

Student Conduct

To learn more about student conduct, what to expect and the Indiana Lifeline Law, please visit Student Conduct.

Student Employment and Leadership Opportunities

Student Employment
Housing and Residence Life has several job positions for currently enrolled students. HRL advertises for positions on this website, social media and EagleSync. To learn about HRL student positions, visit Student Employment.

Student Leadership
Housing and Residence Life has numerous leadership opportunities for students in the residence halls and apartments. To learn more, visit Student Leadership Opportunities.

Summer Housing

Summer Housing
University housing is available during the summer terms. 

  • To be eligible to live in housing during the summer, students must have lived in housing during the spring semester and be enrolled in classes for fall semester.
  • Fill out an online summer Housing and Residence Life contract beginning April 1, 2021.
  • Adhere to all policies and procedures as outlined in the Housing and Residence Life and Food Services Contract.
  • Relocate to the designated summer housing area within 48 hours of being reassigned by Housing and Residence Life.

Students who fail to follow these procedures may face disciplinary action and possible eviction.

University Breaks (Fall/Winter/Spring)

Fall Break
There will not be a Fall Break during the fall 2020 semester.

Housing is open and residents do not have to leave during fall break.

Thanksgiving Break
Housing is open and residents do not have to leave during Thanksgiving break.

Winter Break
University housing is closed to residents from noon December 18, 2020, through January 7, 2021. Mail service is held from December 23, 2020, through January 7, 2021.

Students wishing to stay during the winter break period must pay a $150 fee, sign up online by December 11, 2020, and provide a compelling reason for needing to remain in housing during the break period. Approvals have included requests such as involvement in University-sponsored events and international residency.

Any resident approved to stay over break will be charged $150. Housing rates are based on occupancy during the semester and do not cover the winter break period. Students who are discovered living on campus without authorization may face disciplinary action along with an additional $300 fine.  

Residents with permanent addresses in Vanderburgh (IN), Warrick (IN), Henderson (KY), White (IL), Gallatin (IL), Posey (IN), or Gibson (IN) counties are not eligible to stay for the winter break period.

Spring Break
There will not be a Spring Break during the spring 2021 semester.

Housing is open and residents do not have to leave during spring break.

Can I leave my belongings during breaks?
Leaving belongings in your room is allowed for all breaks except summer break. However, it is recommended that residents not leave valuables in their apartments or residence halls during winter break since the campus is closed and there is limited staff.


Housing and Residence Life

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