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Developing the Syllabus

Syllabus Template

  • The Syllabus Template (updated August 2020) provides a guide for developing an effective and learner-centered syllabus and outlines the required elements and policy statements of each syllabus for USI courses. 
  • Detailed University Syllabus Statements are found within the Syllabus Template and on the Provost's Office website.
  • Guidance for Faculty for Fall 2020 from the Provost's Office is available.

Resources for Developing the Syllabus

Designing an Effective Syllabus

  • Writing a Syllabus. Cornell University Center for Teaching Excellence.
    This guide offers tips for creating an effective syllabus that sets the tone for the course, articulates the student learning experience, responsibilities, and course policies.
  • How to Create a Syllabus. Gannon, K. (2019) and DIY Syllabus. Gannon, K. (2016). ChronicleVitae.
    This interactive guide and 3-part series take a faculty perspective on developing our course syllabus while considering how to make the syllabus an entry point and invitation to the course for our students.
  • Creating the Foundation for a Warm Classroom Climate. Harnish, R.J. et al. (2011). Association for Psychological Science Observer.  
    This teaching tip article provides examples on how to transform syllabus statements into warm and inviting communication to your students.
  • Constructing a Learner-Centered Syllabus: One Professor's Journey. Richmond, A. (2016). IDEA Center Paper #60.
    This paper provides example learner-centered components and a self-assessment.
  • A Learner-Centered Syllabus Helps Set the Tone for Learning. Bart, M. (2015). Faculty Focus.
    This highlights features of a learner-centered syllabus and provides prompts to incorporate them.
  • The 3 Essential Functions of Your Syllabus, Part 2. Lang, J. (2015).The Chronicle of Higher Education.
    This article offers strategies to help ensure that students read and become familiar with the syllabus.
  • Seven Ways to Make Your Syllabus More Relevant. Moore, C. (2019). Faculty Focus.
    This offers design elements to help students relate to the syllabus content, prepare them for the course, and focus on the learning goals ahead.

Developing Learning Outcomes

Considering Accessibility and Inclusion

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