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Andrew NewmanEntrepreneur's Perspective Series
The Entrepreneur’s Perspective Speakers Series highlights speakers who provide insights on entrepreneurship and the connection between education and entrepreneurial outcomes.

Andrew Newman, author and entrepreneur. Today Newman balances the worlds of entrepreneur and teacher, creating a healthy, mission-aligned business that serves the world on a personal, local, and global scale. He is the founder of the Conscious Bedtime Story Club and is the author of numerous childrens’ books including The Boy Who Searched for SilenceThe Hug Who Got Stuck, and The Elephant Who Tried To Tiptoe.

His presentation was titled, Why the last 20 minutes of the day matter. A discussion on life philosophy and conscious business practices." Read more>>

Alumni in Residence Speakers Antone and Izume Greubel

The primary purpose of the Alumni-in-Residence program is to provide opportunities for students to gain insights into the business world and into the thoughts and lives of successful Romain College of Business graduates. This is a great opportunity during the spring semester when a graduate is invited to talk with students and faculty.

Antone Greubel '92 and Izumi Greubel M'94 will present "Life in the Foreign Service." Antone is Deputy Chief of Mission at Embassy Apia, Samoa. This event is being held jointly with the USI College of Liberal of Arts.

Innovative Speaker Series
Through its Innovative Speaker Series, the Romain College of Business strives to present a speaker who has displayed leadership and innovation in the world of business. It is an event for the University and the tri-state communities.

The University of Southern Indiana presented “Leadership: Taking Charge,” a moderated discussion with General Colin L. Powell, USA (Ret.) at 6 p.m. Thursday, April 4, 2019, at the new USI Arena. Previous speakers include T. Boone Pickens, legendary entrepreneur and philanthropist in 2013, Dr. Ben Bernanke, former chairman of the Federal Reserve in 2015, and Dr. Oscar Salazar, founding chief technology officer of Uber in 2017. (USI news release).

Kevin Hammett

The primary purpose of the Executive-in-Residence program is to provide opportunities for students to gain insights into the business world and into the thoughts and lives of business executives. This is a great opportunity during the fall semester when an executive is invited to talk with students and faculty.

Kevin Hammett, president and chief executive officer of Regency Properties, serves as the 2017 Executive in Residence. His presentation is titled, "The Adaptation of Retail to E-Commerce: A Real Estate Practitioner’s Perspective" (USI news release) and (post-release).

Erik Deckers, author, blogger, humorist

Lessons Beyond the Classroom Speaker Series

The presenters in this series are experts in a variety of business areas, and they are invited to campus to share their experiences and “lessons learned” as they have progressed in their careers.  A presentation typically involves hands-on information that is intended to encourage questions and discussion from the participants, and it is hoped the participants will gain knowledge that will be applied in their own lives and in their future careers.   

Erik Deckers, author, blogger, humorist. Deckers presented, "Branding Yourself: How to Use Social Media to Invent or Reinvent Yourself ."    

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