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Major in Management

Customize your management major by getting certified in Innovation Management, Human Resource Management, or by following the General Management Track:

Innovation Management Certificate:

  • Entrepreneurship Ideation and Innovation (MNGT 352)
  • Entrepreneurial Feasibility Analysis (MNGT 353)
  • Strategic Entrepreneurship (MNGT 354)
  • Entrepreneurial Finance (FIN 335) or Small Business Consulting (MNGT 455)

Human Resource Management Certificate:

  • Human Resource Management (MNGT 341)
  • Wage & Salary Administration (MNGT 441)
  • Managing Diversity in Organizations (MNGT 444)
  • Training & Development (MNGT 442) or Collective Bargaining & Industrial Relations (MNGT 408)

Students can also choose a General Management track which contains 12 hours of Management Electives.

Gain Real-World Experience with Management Internships and Co-Ops

USI's Business Professional Practice Program is a partnership between USI and employers which allow students to learn professional skills in the business environment while earning college credits. Junior and senior management majors are employed in part-time (internship) or full-time (co-op) positions in business.

Information about these opportunities can be obtained through the Romain College of Business, Career Services and Internships or the Management Career Network. Students can also expand their knowledge of management by studying abroad for a semester in Europe, Asia or the Middle East. Information about these opportunities can be obtained through the Romain College of Business or International Programs and Services.

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