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RFWC Re-open: What to Know 

General Information:

  • Per university guidelines, fully vaccinated individuals are not required to wear a face covering inside the RFWC. Those who are not vaccinated should continue wearing face coverings.
  • Water fountain spouts will be closed but refill stations will be available.
  • Physical distancing requirements in all areas and will be enforced in the exercise areas.
  • Designated entrance doors and exit doors
  • Stanchions dividing the entrance and exit sides ensuring limited contact for entering/exiting patrons
  • The front entryway will be stanchioned off and marked to promote physical distancing upon check-in.
  • Card swipe scanner will be placed on the counter. Participants will scan their own ID cards.
  • No fitness consultations will be scheduled.
  • Checkout equipment will be limited to bikes and camping equipment. Equipment will be cleaned after each use.
  • Guest passes will not be available.

Locker Rooms:

  • Locker rooms will be available.
  • Participants will be asked to maintain physical distance and clean/disinfectant lockers/benches before and after use.
  • Towels will be available at the front desk.

Walking/Jogging Track

  • The track will be open, but participants will be asked to maintain physical distance at all times. 

Fitness Areas:

  • Dumbbell Area
    • The floor has been taped off into 8 ft. segmented “boxes” that participants will be asked to stay in.
    • Benches are spaced 8ft apart. Participants will not be allowed to move benches.
    • Some benches have been moved to Court #3.
    • Student workers will not be allowed to provide spotting.
    • Participants are asked to avoid maximum lifts.
    • Participants will not be allowed to move between benches/equipment between sets; must complete all sets before moving on to next exercise
    • A scheduling program may be implemented to limit the number of people in this area.
  • Selectorized Weight Machines
    • Weight machines have been spaced 8 ft. apart. Complete your sets before moving on to the next exercise.
  • Cardio
    • Cardio equipment has been moved to ensure a minimum of 10 ft. separation between machines. Some equipment has been moved to Court #3.
  • Stretching Areas
    • Floor has been taped off into 8 ft. segmented “boxes” that participants will be asked to stay in.
    • Hard to clean and unmonitored equipment has been removed (all mats, medicine balls, etc.)
  • Functional/Cable machines
    • One – two persons at a time depending on which station is being utilized.

Group Exercise Classes:

  • Floor will be taped off into 9ft segmented boxes.
  • Class will be limited to the number of “boxes”
  • Group exercise instructors will retrieve any equipment needed for class and will ensure all equipment is cleaned after class.
  • Speed bags have been removed from Rm. 115

Climbing Center:

  • All participants are required to either wash or sanitize their hands before each climb.
  • Bouldering is allowed on the bouldering wall.
  • Top Roping is allowed; USI RFW employees must belay for all climbers (no exceptions).
  • Following the university guidelines regarding room capacity. 10 person limit.

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