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Transfer Equivalency Self-Service Help

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The Transfer Equivalency Self-Service (TESS) system can be used by students who are considering transferring to the University of Southern Indiana (USI), to see how their transfer classes articulate and apply toward a degree at USI.

TESS follows a step-by-step approach, or workflow, to perform a transfer articulation audit. The audit displays details of the student’s classes, how they transfer in to USI, and the extent to which they contribute to progress towards the student’s intended degree program at USI.

The following steps make up the self-service workflow:

  1. Select an intended degree, major, and entering semester/term
  2. Select a transfer school
  3. Select the classes taken at the transfer school
  4. Enter the grade, credit hours, and semester/term for each class
  5. Process to see the articulation and degree audit 

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