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Administrative Appeals

The purpose of the Administrative Appeals Committee is to determine if there is fault on the part of the University in regards to administrative issues. Administrative issues include, but are not limited to, fee refunds or assessments, calendar deadlines, and other relevant student-administrative issues. Appeals must be submitted within one year from the end of the term that is in question. (For example, if a student wishes to appeal an issue from spring 2015, the student has until the end of spring 2016 to submit an appeal for review).

If you are asking for an exception to a policy, the student must write a detailed narrative describing why they feel an exception to a University policy should be made. Explain specifically what they are asking for and why they believe their situation should be considered by the committee. To file an appeal, a student must fill out the Administrative Appeal Request form; the form should be typed to ensure legibility. All appeals must be signed by the student. Appeals written by anyone other than the student will NOT be accepted.

Second Appeal
If a student chooses to appeal an Administrative Appeal denial, a second appeal must be submitted within 90 days from the date of the denial letter.

The committee is comprised of University representatives who sincerely want to consider a properly filed appeal. Appeals should be regarded as a professional communication between the student and the committee.


  1. Refer to the Administrative Appeal Request Example (PDF) for an illustration of a properly completed form.
  2. Use the Administrative Appeal Request Form (PDF) to prepare your appeal. Open the appeal form or save it to your computer. Type directly onto the form, being sure to fill in all required information. Print the completed form, then sign and date it and attach any supporting documentation.
  3. Mail, fax (812-464-1797), scan and email, or hand carry the appeal request to the office of the Vice President for Enrollment Management (Orr Center, room 1038).

Please send any questions regarding the Administrative Appeals process to the .

Upcoming Meetings
The committee meets once a month to review and act upon submitted appeals. Upcoming meetings, and the corresponding deadline for submitting appeal documentation, are scheduled as follows (all dates are subject to change):

Appeals Received By: Will be considered on the following meeting date:
July 27, 2018 August 8, 2018
August 24, 2018 September 12, 2018
September 21, 2018 October 10, 2018
October 26, 2018 November 14, 2018
November 23, 2018 December 12, 2018
December 21, 2018 January 9, 2019

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