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USI employees share their 2020 goals

USI employees share their 2020 goals

1/15/2020 | University Communications
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USI employees shared their 2020 goals with USI Today:

Dr. Sukanya Gupta
“I have published many articles, but I have always wanted to write a book. This year I would like to focus on the ideas I have for my first book project and write away!”

- Dr. Sukanya Gupta, associate professor of English and director of global studies 
Robert Fruit
“I have sung in choirs all of my life, and currently sing in my church choir. My goal for 2020 is to get back to being a cantor (soloist) in our choir. This is something I love to do but have not done for about 20 years!”

- Robert Fruit, executive chef 
Emily Holt
“My family and I are working on fulfilling a new family mission statement we created for the year. We never set New Year’s resolutions, so this is our version of becoming better together. Our goal is to become a family that has fun together and proves our love through affection, kindness and respect.”

- Emily Holt, clinical associate professor of dental hygiene/assisting 
Dr. Marco Lara Gracia
“In 2020, as in previous years, I will do my best to help our students achieve their goals and materialize their dreams. Some dream about playing for the USI Soccer team and train hard individually to achieve that dream, others want to intern and eventually work full time after graduation in a special place for them—say the Panama Canal—and others want to graduate summa cum laude with a perfect 4.0 GPA and study really, really hard everyday to achieve that dream.”

- Dr. Marco Lara Gracia, associate professor of engineering 
Heather Himes
“In 2020 I would like to finish my one-woman, evening length dance performance about the choreographies of the legendary Katherine Dunham.”

- Heather Himes, instructor in dance
Tim Mahoney
“I’d like to share relevant information with colleagues related to their fields of interest and meet with students wishing to learn more about the basics of investing.”

- Tim Mahoney, instructor in economics 
Terry McIntoshTerry McIntosh
“After a long gap, I am finally pursuing my master's degree. My goal is to complete my graduate program in Second Language Acquisition, Policy and Culture at USI by the end of this year. Then, I hope to travel to new destinations."

- Terry McIntosh, senior administrative assistant, Intensive English department 
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