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In anniversary year, USI honors 50 Phenomenal Women

In anniversary year, USI honors 50 Phenomenal Women

3/6/2015 | University Communications
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The University of Southern Indiana will host a special 50th anniversary celebration of its annual Phenomenal Women program at 6 p.m. Thursday, March 19, in Carter Hall in University Center West.

The event is open to the public and will include a program, dinner and reception.

Phenomenal Women, held during Women's History Month at USI, honors and celebrates women from all walks of life who have made contributions to diversity in the USI and Evansville communities. Through the annual recognition of these contributions, the Phenomenal Women program hopes to inspire others to embrace and promote diversity within their own lives.

This year, USI's 50th Anniversary year, the University is recognizing 50 Phenomenal Women who have helped shape our campus and the community. USI President Linda L. M. Bennett, one of the 50 honorees, will be the speaker for the event.

Honorees were selected based on several criteria including:

  • Positive impact on the University
  • Profound impact on the lives of those who make up the University community
  • Champions of diversity on the USI campus

Sponsors for this year’s event are the USI Multicultural Center, Old National Bank, Vectren and the Evansville Branch of the American Association of University Women.

The event is open to the public. Tickets cost $15 and can be purchased at the Multicultural Center on campus or by contacting the Multicultural Center at 812-465-7188 or The deadline for purchasing tickets is March 13.

More information about the Phenomenal Women program is available online at, or by contacting Pamela Hopson at 812-465-7188 or

The 50 Phenomenal Women are:

A gallery of images and information about each honoree is available online at Click on the image for a description of each Phenomenal Woman.


  • Marjorie Labhart                             
  • Mary Nurrenbern*        
  • Betty Rice                                           
  • Jane Blaffer Owen*                       
  • Kathy Funke                                      
  • Doris Eicher*                     
  • Connie Romain '74                          


  • Billie Heckel '76               
  • Ruth Waller*                                     
  • Mary Lue Russler                            
  • Josephine Elliott*                           
  • Cindy Brinker                                    
  • Vaneta Becker '94                           
  • Bettie Engelbrecht                         
  • Aline Nunn Renner*                      
  • Rebecca Nunn Couch*                 
  • Cynderella Miller*                          
  • Marlene Shaw                                  
  • Judy Clabes                                       


  • Carole Rust '77 '97                           
  • Sherrianne Standley                      
  • Suzanne Nicholson*                      
  • Wanda Hibbitts                                
  • Nadine Coudret                               
  • Susan Smith Wolfe                                      
  • LeAnn Freeland '98 M'00             
  • Sherry Darrell                                   
  • Trudy Mitchell                                  


  • Betty Hart                                          
  • Nancy Johnson '83 M'95               
  • Chance Dugan                                  
  • Margaret Henderson Blair                                           
  • Jennie Hiam                                      
  • Harolyn Torain '71                           
  • Tracy Bee                                           
  • Dallas Bower Surhreinrich*         
  • Heidi Gregori-Gahan                     
  • Inez Pumphrey                                                
  • Katie Waters                                     
  • Carolyn Georgette*                       
  • Linda J. Williams '80                        


  • Mattie Miller                                     
  • Sue Ellspermann                             
  • Christy Baker                                    
  • Ruth Kleymeyer*                            
  • Eileen Weber '98                             
  • Linda L. M. Bennett                        
  • Linda Hoops                                      
  • Mayola Rowser M'99                     
  • Marie Bussing                                   

*Posthumous award. 

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Photo Credit: USI Photography and Multimedia

Gina Moore performs at a past Phenomenal Women banquet.

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