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Each fall and spring semester, USI faculty members from the College of Liberal Arts present individual, free public lectures featuring their current research. See our current lineup of speakers for this semester below.

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Virtual LA Faculty Colloquium

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions on public gatherings, the College of Liberal Arts will be hosting our colloquia series virtually through Zoom. These presentations will be live-streamed to the USI College of Liberal Arts Facebook and uploaded to the LA YouTube.

Upcoming Events

Vicious Infants: Criminalized Children, Race, and U.S. Literature 

Dr. Laura Soderberg
Assistant Professor of English

November 19 at 3 p.m. CST
Zoom Webinar ID: 98370388951

Nineteenth-century literature is full of supposedly bad children – juvenile delinquents, pathologized prodigies, runaway apprentices, and more – but it’s easy to miss them because their childhoods look so different than the conventional angelic child. Recognizing these children, though, gives us a better sense of how U.S. culture cast children as threats to the nation’s future, especially children of color, immigrant children, and disabled children. My work looks at how this range of dangerous childhoods hurt marginalized children, but it also considers how Black and Native authors imagined different, safer versions of what it meant to be a child.  

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