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Each fall and spring semester, USI faculty members from the College of Liberal Arts present individual, free public lectures featuring their current research. See our current lineup of speakers for this semester below.

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Virtual LA Faculty Colloquium

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions on public gatherings, the College of Liberal Arts will be hosting our colloquia series virtually through Zoom. These presentations will be live-streamed to the USI College of Liberal Arts Facebook and uploaded to the LA YouTube.

Upcoming Event

Michael Strezewski

"An Excellent House of Private Entertainment:" The Harmonist Tavern in New Harmony, 1815-1825

Dr. Michael Strezewski
Associate Professor of Anthropology

March 26 at 3 p.m. CST
Zoom Webinar ID: 918 6960 8775

Taverns were an essential institution in the frontier-era Midwest, providing food, drink, and sleeping quarters for travelers. Very little, however, has been written their operation, due mostly to a lack of primary documents. During the period 1815-1825, the Harmonists operated a tavern on the corner of Main and Tavern streets in New Harmony. Recent transcription and analysis of the Harmonist tavern daybooks has provided a glimpse into how this business operated and the types of alcohol that were popular among its patrons. While beer, hard cider, and wine were served at the tavern, sales of one drink in particular, whiskey, continued to climb through 1820. After this point, however, its sale was abruptly curtailed. Clues from Harmonist history provide a robust explanation for why the Harmonists chose to stop selling whiskey and other hard alcohol in their tavern.

Spring 2021 Schedule

Anne Statham & Erin Gilles - April 23
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