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Interdisciplinary Colloquium

The Center for Interdisciplinary Studies and the College of Liberal Arts presented the
12th Interdisciplinary Colloquium in Spring 2019.

Faculty presenters represent a variety of USI programs and departments including Art, Biology, Criminal Justice, Economics, English, Gender Studies, German, Health Services, History, Music, Sociology, and Theatre Arts. Support for the 2019 Interdisciplinary Colloquium is provided by the University of Southern Indiana and the College of Liberal Arts.


Friday, February 22, 2019 9:00a.m. – 4:00p.m.
Carter Hall

Movement is an intrinsic part of the world. From the flutter of a butterfly’s wings, to the technology that shapes our lives, to changes in politics and paradigms, movement involves creation, transformation, and vision. The 12th Interdisciplinary Colloquium seeks to address the topic of movement(s) from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. Contributors to the Colloquium bring their unique insights to this theme while acknowledging how movement, in its distinct forms and manifestations, is fundamental to our world.

9:00am – Welcome, Dr. James Beeby, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts.

9:20amDr. Martinus Koen, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice, “Case Study of Implementation of Body-Worn Cameras at a Single Police Agency.”

9:40amDr. Bartell Berg, Assistant Professor of German, “Out of this World! The Semmeringbahn as Exhilarating Motion in Austrian Culture.”

10:00amDr. Grace Howard, Assistant Professor of Gender Studies, “The Pregnancy Exceptionalism Road Trip.”

10:20amDr. Perry Burnett, Associate Professor of Economics, “The Road to Happiness is Paved with Deception.”

10:40amDr. Kimberly Delaney, Assistant Professor of Biology, “Cells On The Move: A look at Movement at the Cellular Level.”

11:00amDr. Steven Williams, Associate Professor of Sociology, “Social Movements and University Students: Can They Still Save the World?”

11:20amDr. Joy Santee, Assistant Professor of English, “Meatbags to Bodyminds: Embodied Rhetorics and the Promotion of Engaged Interdisciplinary Research.”

11:40am Dr. Andrew Buck, Associate Professor of Sociology, “How to Stop Social Movements.”

12:00pm – Break

12:20pmMs. Al Holen, Associate Professor of Ceramics, “Movement Real and Implied.”

1:00pmDr. Denise Lynn, Associate Professor of History, “Yoga Posturing: Indian Nationalism and American Yoga Practices.”

1:20pmDr. Erin Reynolds, Assistant Professor of Health Services/Administration. “Understanding Health Literacy in a Population with Chronic Kidney Disease

1:40pmMr. Elliot Wasserman, Professor of Theatre and Mr. Eric Altheide, Assistant Professor of Theatre. “Movement as Meaning in Theatre.”

2:15pmMr. Thomas Drury, Instructor of Music, “Dance Music of Ireland: Movement in Time and Space.”

2:40pmMr. Matthew Graham, Professor of English, “Original Poetry.”

3:00pm - Reception

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