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A Responsive Institution

USI has become a key asset in the effort to grow and sustain Indiana's workforce. Today, more than three fourths of USI's graduates remain in Indiana, evidence of the University's commitment to meeting needs of employers for a well-trained workforce and for a well-educated citizenry.

More than mere numbers, however, is how USI transforms human capital - those talented people required for the innovation, entrepreneurial activity, and strong sense of community the region and state need.

Preserving in a Challenging Present 

Although USI is a state-assisted institution, the University does not receive all of its funding from the state. There are many projects the state will not consider for funding; and in recent years, Indiana has expected a substantial portion of all new capital projects come from institutionally developed gifts.

Moreover, state budget cuts for higher education have forced increases in the student share of attending college. Students now provide 42 percent of University revenues, compared to 37 percent 10 years ago.

Seizing the Future - With You!  

To continue moving forward, USI must have the resources to grow its programs, facilities, and financial resources for the benefit of students. In a world of heightened competition and global interdependence, a vibrant university spurs economic development - and impacts countless lives along the way. Increasing scholarships, opportunities for experiential learning, enhancing academic excellence, and engaging the community will deepen USI's investment in these endeavors. 

USI's compelling story reveals the remarkable achievement possible when highly committed individuals support a common cause.