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The University of Southern Indiana was the first institution I applied to during my senior year of high school. Born and raised in Evansville, I had the pleasure of attending different outreach programs that exposed me to the Screagle experience and what life at the University would be like. Due to this, I knew the Romain College of Business would align with my aspirations and equip me with the necessary skills to excel in my career. 

The University is dedicated to creating an innovative future-reaching atmosphere while keeping the educational experience as intimate as possible. Every faculty member at the Romain College of Business has demonstrated a commitment to  students’ aspirations by always making it a priority to bring opportunities to the University. Over the years, I have witnessed the expansion of the best college experience possible for all that attend through the University's intentional development of a nurturing community, student comradery, and faculty and staff facilitating a culture of pride.  

Personally, there have been many professors, advisors, and mentors who have helped shape my college experience, making it one of the most memorable times in my life. From reviewing scholarship applications, attending to my curiosity, and constantly cultivating relationships, everyone at the University goes above and beyond to guarantee the success of its student body. 

As many challenges the past few years have prompted, the Romain College of Business is committed to remaining resilient. As some students face hard times, USI has ensured a college education is still attainable. Your generosity and willingness to help students make their dreams a reality allows USI to remain an indispensable pillar within the community. I am thankful to be a part of a community that values education and pledges itself to the perpetuity of the institution. Please continue your support of our students, faculty, and programs.


Jailine McElroy '23
Member of the winning USI 2022 Econ Games team hosted by the University of Kentucky