Candidate Travel

Candidate Travel is defined as travel by a person, who has been invited by an authorized University employee, to interview for an open advertised position within the University. Travel Procurement assists departments with the process of the candidate's air and/or lodging arrangements, which is outlined below. 



Complete a Candidate Travel Arrangements Request Qualtrics form for each candidate that requires travel arrangements (i.e., airfare and/or lodging).

• For departments that report up through the Provost Office, see the Search Committee Information regarding approval requirements.


PART 2: ARRANGE TRAVEL (Travel Procurement & Faculty/Staff)

1. If air travel is requested, then Travel Procurement will send an email to the candidate in order to obtain the necessary information needed for the purchase of his/her airline ticket. The email will contain a link to the USI Candidate Travel Information form.


• Make the candidate aware that he/she will be receiving this email from Travel USI, and that his/her USI contact person will also be CC'd on the email.

• After Travel Procurement receives the candidate’s requested information, an email will be sent to the department contact that contains a suggested flight itinerary for the visit. The department contact may accept the flight arrangements as presented or choose to contact the candidate for a discussion before accepting the itinerary.

2. After the travel arrangements (air and/or lodging) have been confirmed, Travel Procurement will email the finalized travel plans to the department contact.


• It is the responsibility of the department contact to forward the finalized travel arrangements to the candidate.

3. Travel Procurement will submit the Pre-Approval and Expense Report in Chrome River to reconcile the travel purchase(s) made with its Travel Card (i.e., airfare and/or lodging).



If the department financial manager chooses to reimburse the candidate for eligible business expenses (e.g., bag fees, mileage, or taxi/ride-share costs) that he/she incurred, then contact the USI Chrome River Helpdesk for the next steps.

• View the guide Directly Reimbursing a Candidate, located in the GUIDES section (under Expense Reports) of the Chrome River webpage.



Travel Procurement

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