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The Center for Communal Studies and Collections has excellent resources on twentieth-century and contemporary North American intentional societies. The Communal Studies Collection at Rice Library has materials on over 600 contemporary and historic communities, including approximately 25,000 photographs. The Center for Communal Studies (situated with the University Archives and Special Collections, Rice Library 3022) serves as a reference room and as a space for study and meetings. 

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The following books can be purchased at the USI Bookstore.

  • Arndt, Karl J. R. George Rapp's Disciples, Pioneers and Heirs: A Register of the Harmonists in America. Edited by Donald E. Pitzer & Leigh Ann Chamness. University of Southern Indiana Press, Evansville, 1992.

  • Elliott, Josephine Mirabella, and Jane Thompson Johansen. Charles-Alexandre Lesueur: Premier Naturalist and Artist. New Harmony, IN: 1999.

  • Pitzer, Donald E., ed. America's Communal Utopias. University of North Carolina Press, 1997.

  • Pitzer, Donald E., and Josephine Mirabella Elliott, eds., Indiana Magazine of History [Willam Maclure edition]. Published by Indiana University Department of History with the Indiana Historical Society, vol. XCIV, no. 2, June 1998.

  • Wittmer, Joe. The Gentle People: Personal Reflections of Amish Life. Educational Media Corp., 1991.

Recent publications in communal studies

  • Reprint of Arthur Bestor's Backwoods Utopias: The Sectarian Origin and The Owenite Phase of Communitarian Socialism in America 1663-1829, with new introduction by Donald E. Pitzer (Wipf and Stick Publisher, 2012).
  • Eileen English, Demographic Directory of the Harmony Society (Richard Couper Press, 2011).
  • Casey Harison, ed., A New Social Question: Capitalism, Socialism and Utopia (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015).
  • Donald E. Pitzer and Darryl Jones, New Harmony Then and Now (Indiana University Press, 2012).

  • Joel Nathan Rosen, From New Lanark to Mound Bayou: Owenism in the Mississippi Delta (Carolina Academic Press, 2011).
  • Leonard Warren, William Maclure of New Harmony (Indiana University Press, 2009).

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