University of Southern Indiana

Administrative Leadership and Staff

Melinda Roberts
Dr. Melinda Roberts
Professor of Criminal Justice
Interim Dean of the College of Liberal Arts
Contact: 812-461-5475
Liberal Arts Center 3003

Trent Engbers
Dr. Trent Engbers
Associate Professor of Political Science
Director of the Master of Public Administration Program
Interim Assistant Dean, Liberal Arts
Contact: 812-465-1130
Liberal Arts Center 3065

Silvia Rode
Dr. Silvia Rode
Professor of German
Director of the Center for Communal Studies
Assistant Dean, College of Liberal Arts
Contact: 812-465-7026
Liberal Arts Center 3009


Department Chairs

Oana Armeanu
Dr. Oana Armeanu
Associate Professor of Political Science
Chair of Political Science, Public Administration and Philosophy Department
Contact: 812-464-1722
Liberal Arts Center 3063

Andrew Buck
Dr. Andrew Buck
Associate Professor of Sociology
Chair of Sociology
Contact: 812-461-5343
Liberal Arts Center 3010

Sara Christensen Blair
Ms. Sara Christensen Blair
Chair of Art & Design
Professor of Art
Contact: 812-464-1933
Arts Center 206

Jason Hardgrave
Dr. Jason Hardgrave
Associate Professor of History
Chair of History Department
Contact: 812-465-1221
Liberal Arts Center 3032

A. David Hitchcock
Dr. A. David Hitchcock
Professor of Spanish
Chair, World Languages and Cultures
Contact: 812-461-5380
Liberal Arts Center 3071

Leigh Anne Howard
Dr. Leigh Anne Howard
Professor of Communication Studies
Chair, Communications Department
Contact: 812-464-1741
Liberal Arts Center 3088

Amie McKibban
Dr. Amie McKibban
Associate Professor of Psychology
Chair of Psychology
Contact: 812-465-1222
Liberal Arts Center 3042

Marie Pease
Dr. Marie Pease
Associate Professor of Social Work
Interim Chair of Social Work
Contact: 812-465-7058
Education Center 0127

Oana Popescu-Sandu
Dr. Oana Popescu-Sandu
Associate Professor of English
Chair of English Department
Contact: 812-465-7053
Robert D. Orr Center 3008

Todd Schroer
Dr. Todd Schroer
Associate Professor of Sociology & Criminal Justice
Chair of Criminal Justice
Contact: 812-464-1723
Liberal Arts Center 3019

Elliot Wasserman
Mr. Elliot Wasserman
Professor of Theatre
Chair of Performing Arts Department
Contact: 812-465-1614
Arts Center 214/221


College of Liberal Arts Office Staff

Julie Minnette
Mrs. Julie Minnette
Senior Administrative Associate
Adjunct - English
Contact: 812-464-1735
Liberal Arts Center 3006

Alexis Rickenbaugh
Mrs. Alexis Rickenbaugh
Administrative Associate
Contact: 812-465-7150
Liberal Arts Center 3007

Angela Schweickart
Mrs. Angela Schweickart
Administrative Assistant
Contact: 812-464-1855
Liberal Arts Center 3007

College of Liberal Arts Advising Center

Renee Rowland
Mrs. Renee Rowland
Director of Advising
Adjunct - Nursing and Health Professions
Contact: 812-461-5307
Liberal Arts Center 2001E

Arlene Fortune
Mrs. Arlene Fortune
Academic Advisor
Contact: 812-465-1102
Liberal Arts Center 2001C

Mark Razor
Dr. Mark Razor
Academic Advisor
Adjunct - Academic Skills
Adjunct - Liberal Arts
Contact: 812-465-1657
Liberal Arts Center 2001B

Susan Todd
Ms. Susan Todd
Academic Advisor
Contact: 812-464-1966
Liberal Arts Center 2001 F

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