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Active members pay dues of $20 per year.  An eight-member Coordinating Council, drawn from active members, governs the organization.  USI Retirees publishes a semi-annual newsletter, Vintage Times (edited thus far by Sherrianne Standley and Sherry Darrell), and communicates with members through postal and email addresses and a website accessible through USI's homepage.  This organization works closely with the USI Foundation, which provides staff support. 

Typically USI retirees meet several times each year for programs and social gatherings, including pizza at the beginnings of fall and spring semesters, lunch at the Kennel Club in February (sponsored by the USI Foundation), various educational programs led by retirees or community experts, and an August reception at the University Home arranged by President Linda Bennett.  The annual general meeting always occurs on the second Tuesday in November, with dues for active members due by that meeting.

For further information, see names and email addresses for Coordinating Council members.


Founding Members

These persons are founding members of USI Retirees:

Larry Arp
Joyce Babillis
Jeanne Barnett
Mary Alice Bertram
Barbara Blevins
Jim & Anita Brown
Nadine Coudret
Jan Couts
Sherry B. Darrell
John & Pam Deem
Thomas Dieter
Howard & Barbara Dunn
Rolla Dyer
Phil Fisher
Judith Fleck
Jay Fredrich
Janet Freeman
Larry & Rena Goss
Janet & Richard Greer
Cheryl Griswold
Barry Hart
Sandy Hatfield
Jennie Head
Carol Hermes
Wanda Hibbitts
Ed Jones
Lloyd & Joan Jost
Dave & Glenna Kinsey

Courtney Klingelhoefer
Barbara Marr
Elna Mattingly
Mary McGrew
Jenny Medcraft
Eula Megli
Margie Melvin
Sharon Morrow
Richard & Mary Lee Mussard
Oscar & Anita Ozete
Joe & Marie Palladino
Don & Connie Pitzer
Ronald Roat
Mary Lue Russler
Jim Sanders
Helen Sands
Mary Schroeder
Roberta Schweizer
Marlene Shaw
Margaret Skoglund
Sherrianne Standley
Lois & David Stevens
Ruth Waller
Jim Werner
Mike and Zadie Whipple
Jo-Ann Wilson
Byron Wright

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