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Transfer Credit


The Registrar's Office is responsible for USI's transfer credit evaluation service. Official transcripts from other institutions will be reviewed to determine what academic credits will transfer to USI, and their equivalent USI courses.


Course credits earned from regionally accredited colleges and universities will be accepted as transfer credit subject to the following guidelines:

  • Only courses with grades of "C" or higher will transfer
  • Credit from quarter-system schools are equal to two-thirds of credits at USI
  • Orientation and remedial courses will not be accepted as transfer credit
  • Noncredit courses earned at previous colleges or universities will not transfer
  • Effective summer 2013, a maximum of 60 credit hours may be transferred from all regionally accredited community and/or junior colleges attended (previously a 64 hour limit).
  • Transcripts from international institutions must be an official copy (not a photocopy). If records are in a language other than English, the student may also be required to provide an English translation and course-by-course evaluation report from an acceptable evaluation agency. This report will then be reviewed to determine acceptable transfer credit. 
  • Even though credit hours are transferable, the transferred hours may not necessarily apply toward a particular degree program. The applicability of credits toward a specific degree can be determined in counsel with the appropriate departmental advisor. The time expired since the completion of the course may also prohibit it from applying to the requirements of a particular degree program and is subject to review by the department chair of the student's major.
  • For students with transfer work from Indiana colleges/universities, completion of the 30-hour Statewide Transfer General Education Core will impact the number of hours and classes required to complete USI’s Core39 (University Core Curriculum)
  • A student's overall transfer grade point average will not be recorded on the student's transcript. Consequently, a transfer student will establish a grade point average from the University of Southern Indiana based only on coursework taken at USI. A transfer student must, however, meet the standards of progress which correspond to the sum of the total transfer hours accepted and total quality hours attempted at this University.

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