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USI Online Learning offers courses and programs via technology such as Internet, Blackboard, CD-ROM, video conferencing, videotape, or other digital media. These technologies allow students to enroll in courses that better fit their time or travel needs. The type of course and the needs of the students usually determine the delivery method or combination of methods by which a course is available to students.

For further information contact an Online Learning Coordinator at the Online Learning Center.

USI Online Learning Courses

USI-originated online learning courses are taught by USI faculty. These courses are designated with a section number that starts with ‘N’ in the class list.  As with on-campus courses, pre-requisites or placement tests may be required. In addition, you will not be able to register until all holds are cleared.

To locate the current USI Online Learning course offerings, search the class list through myUSI or visit

Online Learning Course Registration

Students self-register for USI online learning courses through myUSI the same way they register for traditional courses. USI students DO NOT register through the ICN for courses that originate at USI.

Online Learning Schedule Revision (Drop)

Online Learning students who are unable to visit campus to obtain the required signature(s) in person may obtain approval via email. The instructor/advisor/dean must send the email from their USI account and must include the student's full name, student ID#, and relevant course IDs and CRNs they are approving the student to add and/or drop. The approval email(s) should be submitted along with the Schedule Revision form (or emailed to A Schedule Revision form with the student's signature is still required.

Non-USI Online Learning Courses (ICN)

If you have looked through USI's listing of online learning courses and cannot find what you need, then courses offered via the Indiana College Network (ICN) might be beneficial to you.

Because registration for Indiana College Network (ICN) courses requires coordination between multiple campuses, the process can take up to six weeks. PLAN AHEAD! Academic advisor approval is required before your registration is processed. As with on-campus courses, pre-requisites or placement tests may be required. You will not be able to register until all holds are cleared.

Visit the ICN website to locate Online Learning courses and programs across Indiana.

ICN Course Registration

Before registration can occur, students must create an account  and complete the ICN pre-registration form. Once the course is confirmed through ICN, the student will register for the course through the drop/add function of myUSI by using a special CRN. When the course has successfully been added through myUSI, the Originating Institution will register the student in their course and notify the student of acceptance.  Payment will be required once the course has been added to the student’s USI schedule.  The course will become part of the student’s academic record at USI.

ICN Schedule Revision (Drop)

Students MUST fill out an ICN drop/withdrawal form before the course can be dropped. ICN courses may not be dropped through myUSI. ICN will notify the USI Online Learning Office that the student has requested to drop the course.  The USI Online Learning Office will forward the information to the Originating Institution. Once the drop has been approved by the Originating Institution, the USI Registrar's Office will remove the course from the student’s schedule. Until all steps in the procedure have been completed, the student remains enrolled in their courses. Refunds are issued according to the USI academic calendar.

Note: Lack of participation in a non-USI course does NOT mean an automatic withdrawal. If the appropriate drop/withdrawal paperwork is not processed, students will receive an F in the course, and this grade will appear on their USI records.

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