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Getting to know Kathy Oeth

Getting to know Kathy Oeth

7/6/2017 | University Communications
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Kathy Oeth, administrative associate in the College of Liberal Arts, has been an essential cog in the University wheel since she was hired in 2010. A strong believer in lifelong learning, Oeth obtained her Master’s in Public Administration in 2014. She has become a reliable go-to person for many of us on campus. Besides being hard-working, she’s vivacious, funny and offers a big smile to compliment her witty commentary. Let’s dig deeper into the mind of Kathy Oeth.

What’s your philosophy towards work?

My philosophy towards work is come in on time every day and give the best you can. Work your expected hours and give a full day’s work. Set a good example. Look at the big picture and plan ahead.

In what ways are you the same as your childhood self?

I’m still stubborn. I’m the oldest of three sisters so I’ve always thought I should be in charge. It’s not really being stubborn so much as it’s that I think I’m the boss.

I like to write and I’ve always liked to write. I’ve always liked to be around people and be involved in things. I’m much more an extrovert than an introvert.

I was not very athletic as a kid and I still think that’s true. I can dance and twirl a baton, and although I maybe wouldn’t be the last picked for a softball team, I’d probably be second to last.

What’s the strangest thing you believed as a child?

I told my sister that the Batmobile was manufactured in Evansville.

When I was really little I used to believe a scary thing lived in my dollhouse. It was a magic hand. That was my cousins’ fault because they would always talk about “Ooo the magic hand is going to come and get you.” I was kind of naïve, so I probably believed a lot of stuff.

Tell me something that most people don’t know about you.

I’ve been up in a hot air balloon twice. The first time I went up in one I was at the 4H Fairgrounds in  Posey County and I was working for the Mount Vernon Democrat. There’s only two local media outlets in Mount Vernon and I wanted to make sure I was the one on that balloon. The second time was when I turned 40 and my husband bought me a balloon ride.

I also walk a half hour every morning and I have done that for 15 years with Rhonda Stone. She and I walk every morning as long as it’s above 20 degrees and under 100 degrees, unless it’s raining .While I’m not athletic, I am exercising.

Do you like to cook? If so, what’s your best dish?

I don’t mind cooking, but I’m not a gourmet or anything. I used to make a lot of casseroles because with my husband working different shifts, I needed something easy to reheat. I probably made too many of those because he would bring leftovers to lunch and people started calling him “The Casserole Kid.”

What cheers you up when you’re feeling low?

People who smile and are nice; a kind word. I have a happy file and I’ve had for a long time. If anybody sends me a complimentary thing, it goes right in there.

Also being outdoors in the sun can turn my mood around. Being in nature probably cheers me up the most. My favorite relaxing place is on the beach, my next favorite would be on a lake that laps, or going down the river.

If you were the ruler of your own country what is the first law you would introduce?

That’s a funny question to me because I always said I wanted to be a ruler of my own nonviolent country. I would introduce acceptance for all. I feel strongly that people should be included and have opportunities. People should not only not be discriminated against, but should be appreciated for who they are. We are all individuals, and if we were all the same, it would be a boring world.

What’s one guilty pleasure you have?
Putting on the electric slide and dancing in my kitchen.

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