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The College of Liberal Arts at the University of Southern Indiana offers students the opportunities, first, to develop the fundamentals of a liberal education upon which to base a lifetime of learning and, second, to concentrate in studies that form the foundation for professional pursuits.

More than 2,300 students are currently enrolled in the College of Liberal Arts' more than 30 majors and emphases and a similar number of minors.

The college includes the departments of Art, Communications, English, History, Performing Arts, Philosophy, Political Science and Public Administration, Psychology, Social Work, the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies, World Languages and Cultures, and Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice Studies. 


Linking formal inquiry with self-discovery, the College of Liberal Arts fosters knowledge, skills and values necessary for success in the ever-changing global community.


We strive to ignite intellectual curiosity and a passion for lifelong learning.

We aim for the understanding of self, society and ethics necessary for responsible and engaged citizenship, for integrity balanced with social awareness.

We foster both cultural enrichment and an appreciation of the human condition in all of its diversity.

We cultivate an awareness that truth is complex, multifaceted and unlikely to be found in one place.


Michael Aakhus
Mr. Michael Aakhus
Dean of the College of Liberal Arts
Professor of Art
Contact: 812-464-1853
Liberal Arts Center 3003
Joan deJong
Ms. Joan deJong
Associate Professor of Art
Assistant Dean of College of Liberal Arts
Contact: 812-465-1214
Liberal Arts Center 3093
Michael Dixon
Dr. Michael Dixon
Program Director of Classical Studies
Associate Professor of History
Assistant Dean of the College of Liberal Arts
Contact: 812-465-1093
Liberal Arts Center 3003
Hilary Braysmith
Dr. Hilary Braysmith
Interim Chair of Art Department
Associate Professor of Art History
Contact: 812-464-1740
Technology Center 211
Julie Evey
Dr. Julie Evey
Chair of Psychology Department
Associate Professor of Psychology
Contact: 812-464-1830
Liberal Arts Center 3042
Rocco Gennaro
Dr. Rocco Gennaro
Chair of Philosophy Department
Professor of Philosophy
Contact: 812-464-1744
Liberal Arts Center 3023
Mary Hallock Morris
Dr. Mary Hallock Morris
Chair of Political Science and Public Administration Department
Associate Professor of Political Science
Director of University Core Curriculum
Contact: 812-461-5207
Liberal Arts Center 3063
Jason Hardgrave
Dr. Jason Hardgrave
Chair of History Department
Associate Professor of History
Contact: 812-465-1221
Liberal Arts Center 3032
Iris Phillips
Dr. Iris Phillips
Chair of Social Work Department
Professor of Social Work
Contact: 812-461-5281
Education Center 0131
J. Wayne Rinks
Dr. J. Wayne Rinks
Chair of Communications Department
Associate Professor of Communications
Contact: 812-464-1950
Liberal Arts Center 3083
Christopher Rivera
Dr. Christopher Rivera
Director of International and Interdisciplinary Studies
Assistant Professor of International Studies
Contact: 812-228-5173
Robert D. Orr Center 3074B
Silvia Rode
Dr. Silvia Rode
Chair of World Languages and Cultures
Associate Professor of German
Contact: 812-465-7026
Liberal Arts Center 3071
Todd Schroer
Dr. Todd Schroer
Chair of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice Studies
Associate Professor of Sociology
Contact: 812-464-1723
Liberal Arts Center 3019
Stephen Spencer
Dr. Stephen Spencer
Chair of English Department
Professor of English
Enrollment Management Planning Coordinator
Contact: 812-465-7063
Robert D. Orr Center 3074C
Elliot Wasserman
Mr. Elliot Wasserman
Chair of Performing Arts Department
Professor of Theatre
Contact: 812-465-1614
Technology Center 214/221

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