University of Southern Indiana

Awards and Recognition

2017 Pott College of Science, Engineering, and Education Scholarship Recognition

Geology and Physics Department

Evansville Lapidary Society Scholarship
Bree E. Neely

Outstanding First-Year Environmental Science Student  
Preston L. Cunningham

Outstanding First-Year Geology Student  
Andrea N. Floyd

J. R. Dick Harris Memorial Scholarship
Kelsey K. Shannon

Indiana Academy of Sciences Membership (sponsored by Dr. Nils Johansen)

Payton L. Lykins

Kelynn T. Shafer

Sarah A. Shull

Leroy L. Jochum Memorial Geology Scholarship
Nathaniel F. Dulaney

Belle McGregor Geology Scholarship
Jared L. Ray

Walter F. Sill Geology Field Camp Award 
Grace L. Stone

Walter F. Sill Memorial Academic Merit Award

Andrea N. Floyd

Kelsey K. Shannon

Walter F. Sill Memorial Promising Prospective Geology Student Scholarship
Sarah A. Shull

Walter F. Sill Memorial Scholarship for Academic Achievement in Geology
Nicholas D. Whitson

Walter F. Sill Memorial Scholarship for Academic Excellence in Geology
Nathan F. Dulaney

Outstanding Environmental Science Graduate 
Rachel A. Bacher

Outstanding Geology Graduate  
Destiny A. Tannahill

Edward F. Harrison & Bennighof B/MD Scholarship
Matthew D. Becker

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