University of Southern Indiana

College Committees

Innovation Committee (2018-2020)

Biology Kyle Mara
Chemistry Jeannie Collins
Engineering Marco Lara Gracia
Geology/Physics Christos Deligkaris
Kinesiology and Sport Josh Wildeman
Mathematics Mark Creager
Teacher Education Clarissa Willis
Dean's Office Glenna G. Bower

SEERGA Committee (2018-2020)

Biology Eric McCloud
Chemistry  Priya Hewvitharanage
Engineering  Art Chlebowski
Geology/Physics  Eric Greenwood
Kinesiology and Sport  William Hawkins
Mathematics  Uditha Wijesruriya
Teacher Education  Moriah Smothers
Dean's Office  Glenna G. Bower 

College Excellence Awards Committee (2018-2020)

Biology  Alex Champagne
Chemistry Edmir Wade
Engineering Jenna Kloosterman
Geology/Physics Tony Maria
Kinesiology and Sport Chase Smith
Mathematics Misty Ostergaard
Teacher Education Joyce Gulley
Dean's Office Glenna G. Bower

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