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  • Honoring President Linda L. M. Bennett
    subheading titleHonoring President Linda L. M. Bennett

    To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the USI Foundation and to honor the work of Dr. Linda L. M. Bennett, the USI Foundation seeks gift commitments for two endowments.

  • USIF 50th - Kate Tombaugh
    subheading title USI Foundation 50th Anniversary Performance: Kate Tombaugh

    As part of the USI Foundation's 50th anniversary celebration, we invite you to attend a special performance by mezzo soprano Kate Tombaugh.

  • USI and USI Foundation partner with Dr. Bill Thomas
    subheading titleUSI and USI Foundation partner with Dr. Bill Thomas

    A year-long pilot project aimed to create a cultural transformation related to aging in the community will develop a multi-generational community housing model. (Photo credit: Dr. Bill Thomas)

  • AwardSpring
    subheading titleAwardSpring: One-Stop-Shop for Scholarships

    USI students can take advantage of the new AwardSpring software to apply for USI Foundation scholarships. AwardSpring is now accessible through MyUSI.

  • Varsity Club
    subheading titleUSI Varsity Club: Join Now!

    Screaming Eagles Championships begin with Athletic Scholarship


Your gifts to the USI Foundation benefit a diverse and deserving group of University of Southern Indiana students and allow them the opportunity to accomplish their goals in higher education. Thank you for your generous support of USI and your commitment to providing valuable opportunities to our students—opportunities we could not offer without your help.

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