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  • 2015 B/MD Scholarship Luncheon
    2015 B/MD Scholarship Luncheon

    Check out all the photos from the 2015 B/MD Scholarship Luncheon here!

  • Campaign USI
    Campaign USI

    Participate in Campaign USI: Elevating Excellence to help USI students achieve their educational goals. Give now!

  • Griffin Center: Coming Soon!
    Griffin Center: Coming Soon!

    USI breaks ground on Griffin Center

  • USI Varsity Club: Join Now!
    USI Varsity Club: Join Now!

    Screaming Eagles Championships begin with Athletic Scholarship


Your gifts to the USI Foundation benefit a diverse and deserving group of University of Southern Indiana students and allow them the opportunity to accomplish their goals in higher education. Thank you for your generous support of USI and your commitment to providing valuable opportunities to our students—opportunities we could not offer without your help.

                             2015 Baccalaureate/Doctor of                                                         Medicine Scholarship Luncheon 

2015 BMD Group

The 2015 B/MD scholars pictured with Dr. Ken Walsh, B/MD Scholarship Program Coordinator on February 11, 2015

Thanks to increasing support from donors to the Foundation’s private scholarship program, friends and alumni provided 1,366 scholarships valued at more than 1.8 million dollars to bright and deserving students this past academic year. We thank all of our friends and alumni for their generous commitment to USI students! 

Bmdluncheon2015 USI0640

Foundation President David A. Bower with Dr. Priy, Reuben Warshawky '15 and Phyllis Grimm. Reuben is the recipient of the Phyllis Grimm Endowed B/MD Scholarship.


Bmdluncheon2015 USI0694

President Linda L. M. Bennett with Mike Daake, Elizabeth Daake '15 and Foundation President David A. Bower. Elizabeth is the recipient of the Edward F. Harrison B/MD Scholarship.

A gift of a scholarship is an investment in the life of a USI student. 


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