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Responsive Design

The responsive design templates in Umbraco are mobile-friendly, with one-, two-, and three-column page options. These templates are being used across the University of Southern Indiana website to make it easier to navigate for smartphone and tablet users.

The responsive design template should have a minimal impact on how you edit your site, but here are some things that have changed.


Responsive templates for homepages (folder icons):

  • Health Homepage
  • Liberal Arts Homepage
  • Outreach Homepage
  • Science Homepage
  • DepartmentHomepage 2 Col
  • DepartmentHomepage 3 Col

Responsive design templates for subpages (page icons):

  • College Subpage 1 Col
  • College Subpage 2 Col
  • College Subpage 3 Col
  • DepartmentSubpage 1 Col
  • DepartmentSubpage 2 Col
  • DepartmentSubpage 3 Col


When using a DepartmentHomepage 2 Col or a DepartmentHomepage 3 Col template, a header image must be chosen (last items at the bottom of the content tab) in order for the page title to show up. Header images also are strongly encouraged on subpages. 

Make sure your image is correctly sized and of a high quality and resolution. Always use the JPEG file format.

For Department Websites

  • Homepages - 1000 x 300 pixels. Height is flexible.
  • Subpages - 740 x 225 pixels. Height is flexible.

For College Websites

  • Department homepages and subpages - 833 x 310 pixels. Height is flexible.
  • Slider features - 667 x 350 pixels.
  • Spotlights - 200 x 125 pixels.

For sizing help, contact a member of the Web Services team.


  • Videos – The new YouTube macro for the responsive design template is called "YouTube Responsive".
  • Navigation – The new macro for the left column menus is called "Side Navigation".
  • Staff Listing - The new macro for the staff listing is called "Staff Listing (Responsive)".

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