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Academic Advising is an ongoing educational process that connects the student to the University and supports the University's mission of preparing students to live wisely and for learning beyond the confines of the academy. Faculty and professional academic advisors represent and interpret University policies and procedures for the student and help the student navigate the academic and organizational pathways of the University.

Mission Statement

The University of Southern Indiana recognizes academic advising as a dynamic and interactive process by with the students are able to define and implement sound educational strategies that are consistent with their personal values and career goals.

The University is committed to providing students with accurate and timely academic advising, delivered through its academic colleges and departments, as well as through additional departments devoted to specific student populations such as undecided, international, and non-traditional students. 

Because the University identifies academic advising as a crucial element in its students' educational development and academic success, excellence in advising is considered a significant component in the professional recognition of faculty and advising-dedicated professionals.

Academic Advising at the University of Southern Indiana is:

  • Considered a critical component of the University's educational mission
  • Collaborative with the understanding that students, advisors, faculty, and other University staff have a direct impact and strong interest in student success
  • Centered on the meaningful and productive relationships between the University's students with faculty, staff, and programs that will establish positive patterns for their future
  • Intentional and pro-active, offering programs and communication methods to meet the needs of all student populations by setting long-term educational goals and planning for academic success
  • Delivered by members of the University faculty and advisors who are professionally trained, who have a deep understanding of our institutions intricacies, and who are realistic and well-informed about the diverse needs of our students
  • Accurate and timely, utilizing all available and appropriate methods of communication and technology to disseminate information and aid in decision-making' regularly evaluated, both by college and staff performance, to further develop effective advising practices and programs for student success at the University

"Good advising may be the single most underestimated characteristic of a successful college experience."

- Richard Light Making the Most of College

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