University of Southern Indiana

Outline of Program

This page outlines the program at a glance. A list of specific courses designed to fulfill it is on the Approved UCC Courses' page.

A. The Mind: Enhancement of Cognitive Abilities (12-13 hours)

A1. Composition/Communication Studies (Speech) 9 hours
A2. Mathematics 3-4 hours

B. The Self: Enhancement of Individual Development (8 hours)

B1. Ethics 3 hours
B2. The Arts 3 hours
B3. Health/Fitness 2 hours

C. The World: Enhancement of Cultural and Natural Awareness (26-27 hours)

        C1. History 3 hours
        C2. Individual Development/Social Behavior 6 hours
        C3. Science 8-9 hours (including at least one laboratory course)
        C4. Western Culture 6 hours (Humanities) (Foreign Language)
        C5. Global Communities 3 hours

D. The Synthesis: Integration and Application of Knowledge (3 hours)

        D. Synthesis 3 hours


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