USI Travel Card

The University of Southern Indiana offers the PNC Corporate Visa Travel Card (USI TCard), administered by Travel Procurement, to help facilitate the payment of travel expenses for University business. The USI TCard, to be used only for travel business purposes, can only be used by USI employees, and it is the primary payment method for travel and travel related hospitality expenses for university business trips that have been fully approved in Chrome River.



Individual cardholders are responsible for all charges made on the USI TCard and for reconciling the expenses to satisfy those charges. All unreconciled charges will be considered personal expenses and reported to Human Resources as a taxable benefit. Failure to reconcile charges accumulated on the USI TCard by completing an Expense Report, based off of a fully-approved Pre-Approval submitted in Chrome River, could result in a loss of card privileges including the closure of the USI TCard account.



Submit a USI TCard Request (USI Employees Only)



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Travel Procurement

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