Chrome River/Travel Training Video

To access the Chrome River/Travel Training Video at any time:


• Log in to your MyUSI account (employees only)

• Click on the Blackboard icon found in the upper left corner of the homepage

• Click on the My Organizations tab in the upper right corner (underneath your name)

• Find the Organization Search box (on the far left-hand side), click in it and type "Travel Training", and then click Go

• Click on TravelTraining from the list on the left-hand side

• Find and then click "Enroll" in the left-hand menu (towards the bottom)

• Find and click the training video to watch it

• After watching the video, take the Travel Training Assessment (short quiz) - the link for the quiz is found below the video link, on the Content page


When you are finished viewing the video and have scored 100% on the quiz, you are eligible for the USI Travel Card (USI employees only), which can be used on business trips that have been fully approved in Chrome River.



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