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Funding Opportunities Quick Guide

Funding and Grants

Many of the events and programs that student organization would like to sponsor require funding and quite often student organizations may need a little financial support to operate their organization. This guide will provide information on funding opportunities at USI and other options for support.

Student Organization Activity Fund

University of Southern Indiana registered student organizations, who are in good standing with the University, may be eligible for up to $1,000 of funding per adjusted fiscal year. Temporary student organizations are not eligible and registered student organizations that receive annual university funding from the student activity fee. Funds may be used for promotion of organization, programming and general operating costs. Funds are available to be spent August 1-May 15 annually.

Steps to Receive Funding

  1. Officer of the organization that will coordinating the spending of the funds must complete the Student Organization Activity Fund Training (available online).
  2. Individual completing the training, submits a budget through EagleSync for up to $1000.
  3. Once the budget is approved, organization may begin spending approved funds.

It is important to understand that an organization does not automatically receive $1,000 into their agency fund. Your organization is eligible to receive $1,000 in reimbursements for approved expenditures. Funds are transferred to the organization’s agency fund after expenditures.

Click here for additional information and training. 

Student Government Association Grants

The Student Government Association has a variety of grants available to help support student organizations. Information and applications for the grants are available online. Click here for applications and information

Grant applications must be submitted by the deadlines. SGA will meet within a week of the deadline to review the applications. Applicants will be contacted with the exact time and date for the meeting. It is highly encouraged for the applicant to attend this meeting and talk about their application with the committee.

Types of Grants Available

  • Travel Grants are awarded to students and organizations that are traveling to conferences (and competitions) that better the student and bring back useful information for the university. 
  • Student Organization Support (SOS) Grants are awarded to organizations wanting to hold an event.
  • Startup Grants are grants for new organizations that have been approved to organize by Student Development Programs.

Provost Grants

The Provost has available funds which can be applied for by registered student organizations and Student Affairs departments.

Provost Programming Grant 

The programming grants are not permanent organizational funding. The purpose of the grant program is to provide the opportunity for registered student organizations to present quality programming for the USI community. All submissions should be turned in prior the program taking place. They are requests and not all are funded. Grant application available at  

Provost Travel Grant 

The Provost has available funds which can be applied for by members of currently registered student organizations and students in an active role at an academic or student development conference, meeting, or competition (making a presentation, committee member, volunteer role, etc.) The purpose of the Provost Travel Grant is to support students with their academic and co-curricular endeavors. The Provost will make final allocation decisions. 

Available funds include up to $250 per student for a conference outside of Indiana and up to $150 per student at conference in state. Funds are only available for students who are actively engaged in a contributing role, not to students who only attend conferences or other events.  All submissions should be turned in prior to traveling. They are requests and not all are funded. Grant application available at

Equality and Inclusion Fund  

The Equity and Inclusion Fund provides grants (up to $5000) to develop and present programs, projects, or activities that promote the value of equity and inclusion on campus. Student organizations and students working with a faculty or staff member on a program are eligible and encouraged to apply.  For funding consideration, a proposal must be submitted to the Multicultural Center (located in University Center East). The application can be found at .

Other Funding Options


Seek out other student organizations or university departments that have similar interests as your organization.  Collectively the student organizations may be able to combine funds for an event or program your organization is interested in having.

Departmental Support

Some organizations are closely aligned with a university department and many times that department may have some funds designated to assist the student organization. 

Membership Dues/Fees

Many organizations charge a membership fee or dues to all active members. These funds help the organization operate. Before implementing a membership fee/dues process, it is important to inform members how money will be used and when it will be collected. There should also be a section in your organization’s constitution that refers to membership dues.

Support for Student Organizations to Reduce Costs

  • Student Organization Copies – each registered student organization can get up to 30 black and white and 10 color copies or prints each week in the Student Involvement Center.
  • Set-ups – Set-ups in the University Center and the eight information tables directly outside the University Center have no cost. In addition, Student Development Programs covers basic information table set-ups in other areas of campus.
  • Equipment Rental – Student Development Programs has many different items that student organizations are allowed to reserve and use. You can check out the list and submit a request at

Contact Student Development Programs


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