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Advisor Quick Guide

Who is a Student Organization Advisor?
A student organization advisor is a faculty or staff member, who has been asked (or assigned) to advise a registered student organization. To be an advisor, the individual must be a University of Southern Indiana faculty or staff member (part-time faculty and staff qualify as advisors if they are not simultaneously pursuing a graduate degree).

All student organizations are required to have on campus advisor. A student organization can also opt to have an off campus advisor and/or multiple advisors. All names of advisors and contact information should be added to the student organization’s OrgSync portal profile.

The role of the advisor will vary based on the needs of the individual organizations.  Advisors should have a committed level of interest in the mission and purpose of the organization. The knowledge and expertise of advisors provides continuity for members, ensures success and longevity of the organization.  Student Development Programs highly encourages that advisors are active participants in their organization(s) and regularly attend organizational meetings.  By doing so, advisors can enrich organizational functions, such as goal setting, member involvement and discussion, and individual development.

Resources for Advisors
Advisor Manual
In an effort to support the work being done by student organization advisors at USI, Student Development Programs created a Student Organization Advisor Manual. This manual will answer frequently asked questions and give tools for fostering organization development.

In addition, Student Development Programs offers workshops throughout the year designed specifically with advisors in mind. The office also encourages advisors to schedule meetings with our staff for one on one consultations or email with any questions.

Advisor Advantage Newsletter
Student Development Programs emails a quarterly electronic newsletter to advisors with tips for advising student groups, important dates to know, and any other student organization related news. Back issues of the newsletter can be found below.

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