University of Southern Indiana

Advertising and Promotion Quick Guide

Program Advertising and Promotion

University Calendar
The University Calendar provides information regarding USI events and must be submitted electronically via the online event submission form, following the appropriate submission and approval process.  Posted events must be associated with USI, should be an event rather than news item, and must affect more than just the members of an individual organization.  

myUSI announcement
If it is information and not an event that you are advertising, you can request that information be available on myUSI. Login to myUSI and click on the Submit an Announcement link on the right to submit your announcement. 

EagleSync Community Wide Calendar
Create Event using the Events tab in EagleSync Portal
Toward the bottom of the Create Event Page, make sure you do the following:
1. Click the view as public + website
2. Click the checkbox next to: “Submit request for inclusion on the Student Life calendar to reach more people”

GetInvolved PowerPoint Slideshow & the SOURCE Newsletter
Send power point slides to This will get the slides into the Get Involved slideshow and the SOURCE Newsletter. Both are sent out weekly. The Source is sent out on Mondays and the slideshow is sent on Thursdays. To ensure your event/ad is included, please submit by Wednesday of the week before you want your ad to run.

Based on a first come, first served basis, student organizations may display a twin-sized bed sheet banner in designated locations through Scheduling Services. Some supplies are provided in the Student Involvement Center graphics room.

Yard Signs (A-Frame/Staked Signs)
A-Frame Signs (36” x 36”) and Staked Signs (18” x 24”) are allowed along campus sidewalks and roadways, as long as they do not block or overhand onto the walkway, driveway or street.  They can not be placed in the median unless they are directional signs. Yard signs can only be placed in certain areas of campus. For a map of approved locations, click here.

Within 72 hours of the completion of the event, all signs must be removed or the student organization may receive a Physical Plant charge.Yard Signs can be printed by Publishing and Creative Services. 

Information Tables & Display Cases
Tables and Display Cases need to be scheduled with Scheduling Services.

All Campus Televisions
Email in the following format:

  • The email subject line should read: Please upload to campus televisions—thank you!
  • Upload a horizontal .JPEG or horizontal PowerPoint Slide, you want shown.
  • Include the START DATE you want the advertisement to run and the END DATE you would like it to come down.
  • Tip: Slides with as little text as possible displays better for viewers.
  • Tip: Keep text and graphics away from the edge.

To advertise through Housing & Residence Life- send the same email to

  • Must be a horizontal PowerPoint slide that is 93-2000 software version compatible. Slide design should be simple.  Keep text basic and to a minimum: who, what, when, where.  May have one or two additional lines of text and a logo or graphic. Keep text and graphics away from edge of slide. 

The SPIN Radio
To get an announcement on the Edge Radio, email
Announcements must include the full text of the message as you want announced on the radio; date, time, and location of event; sponsoring organization; and contact information of someone whom can answer questions about the event.

Chalking must include "Sponsored by (insert student organization name)". Chalking cannot occur on bricked surfaces and cannot be on vertical cement surfaces or under overhangs. Rain must be able to reach it.

Table Tents
To reserve table tents and for table tent parameters, obtain permission through Scheduling Services. Your organization will need to have the table tents printed.

Flyers and Bulletin Boards
Registered student organizations may distribute flyers if it is compliance with the campus posting policy.  Flyers no larger than 22” by 30” may be posted among “designated” or “General University Posting Areas”. More information is available through Scheduling Services.

Social Media
Student organizations representing themselves via online components, including but not limited to: Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, MySpace, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. should maintain a professional demeanor online and are subject to complying with the University’s Social Media Guidelines.

Contact Student Development Programs


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