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Renew a Student Organization

Each year student organizations are REQUIRED to renew their student organization. Renewing your organization is 3-step process:

  1. Update Student Organization’s EagleSync Portal with 2019-2020 Executive Board
  2. Advisor, President, and Treasurer need to complete necessary forms in EagleSync
  3. At least 1 STUDENT representative attends a Renewal Session

Steps for updating organization’s EagleSync Portal with 2019-2020 Executive Board:
Only designated administrators can update the organization’s EagleSync Portal. To update your organization’s EagleSync Portal, log in to EagleSync and click on the orange box prompting you to update the portal.
It is the responsibility of the outgoing officers to grant administrative access to the organization’s incoming officers. If you need administrative access, please contact me.
It is a requirement for a minimum of 2 officers (President & Treasurer) and the on-campus advisor for each organization to have administrative access to the organization’s portal.
To login to EagleSync, go to myusi and click the green arrow icon on the left hand side.

Completion of the Advisor President, and Treasurer Required Forms:
It is the responsibility of each student organization to communicate with their advisor regarding the completion of this form.
Once an organization’s EagleSync Portal has been completed, all advisors listed within the portal will receive an email via EagleSync prompting them to complete the Advisor Agreement Form. The renewal process requires all student organizations to have a minimum of one on-campus advisor, as well as, 50% of any other advisors listed within their organization’s portal complete the form.

Renewal Session Attendance:
At least 1 representative from each student organization must attend a Renewal Session in the Fall Semester or complete an one-on-one orientation after the fall dates have passed. This representative must hold an officer position within the organization.
An advisor’s attendance does not fulfill this step within an organization’s renewal process; however, advisors are welcomed to attend.
One individual can represent a maximum of two student organizations at a Renewal Session

Failure to renew will result in the deactivation of an organization’s EagleSync Portal and the organization will no longer be recognized by the University of Southern Indiana, thus losing the privileges of being a student organization. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Our office is open Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:30pm.

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