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Frequently Used Forms

Student Organization Travel Request

All University travel by a student organization must be approved in advance of the trip and before making any financial commitments.
Prior travel approval insures the following:

  • the traveler's advisor and/or department approves of the activity,
  • funds are available for reimbursement of expenses when applicable,
  • travel is allowable with the funding source,
  • staff/faculty traveling with organization is covered under workman's compensation insurance when applicable
  • approved actions while on official travel are actions by a University representative; without approval the same actions could be considered as those by a private individual for which the traveler could be personally liable, and 
  • the safety and interest of students are addressed. 

This form is to be filled out every time your organization travels, including all local travel. Based upon the responses, you will be directed to any additional forms that need to be completed. You will be able to register up to four local trips that also does not include university funding. 

Student Development Equipment Request Form

Student organizations have the opportunity to borrow equipment from Student Development Programs. We ask that the form be filled out at least two weeks prior to the date the equipment is to be used. Equipment is provided rent free, but organizations may need to buy supplies for equipment (i.e. Ice and flavored syrup for snow cone machine).

Equipment available: 

Electrical Equipment

Larger Equipment

Specialty Equipment


Light Equipment

Cotton Candy Machine, Snow Cone Machine,  EagleSync Barcode Scanner

Push Cart, Red Tent, Extension Cord, Power Strip, Heavy Duty Tarp

Hula-Hoops, Tug O’War Rope

Playing Cards, Roulette Set, Apples to Apples, Puzzles, Headbandz, Logo, Catch Phrase, Football Toss

Cash Box, Cooler,  Large & Small Coolers, USI Fitted Tablecloths

Fundraising, Sales and Solicitation Form

The first step to any fundraiser is to fill out the Fundraising, Sales and Solicitation form. Once the fundraiser is approved the student organization may proceed in the planning process. Approved forms will be sent via email to the student who submitted it. Student Development Programs asks that the form be filled out at least 2 weeks prior to the event being held. Below is the definition of fundraising, sales, and solicitation:

Sales shall be defined as the sale or offer for sale of any property or service. Student Organization must collect sales tax on items sold and remit to the state. USI Accounts payable can advise on this process.

Solicitation shall be defined as the act of making a request or plea for one’s cause or philanthropy and includes the receipt of or request for any gift or contribution. Student organizations must work with the University Foundation when soliciting private funds.

Fundraising is defined as the organized activity/event of raising funds and/or property. 

Sponsorship Fundraising is when a student organization sponsors a company on campus as a way to raise funds for their organization by charging the company for that sponsorship or sharing in profits of sales.

Request for Student Organization On Campus Financial Account (aka Agency Fund)

Agency funds are defined as funds held by the University on behalf of an affiliated organization. These funds work largely like checking accounts and are available to registered student organizations.  You must be registered with the University through Student Development Programs and have a faculty/staff advisor willing to serve as your financial manager prior to requesting an Agency Fund.

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