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Involvement Fair

EagleSyncAn online management tool USI students use to manage their co-curricular activities at USI. EagleSync can be accessed using your myusi username and password. 

World Discover involvement opportunities
Search through student organizations, service events, and other campus programs to find opportunities that match your interests.

Target Centralize your out-of-classroom involvement
For every origination you join, EagleSync will be able to track your involvement history, including event participation and meeting attendance. Stay up to date on upcoming events.

Briefcase Showcase your involvement to prospective employers or grad school
It's never to early to start It's never to early to start thinking about your future! EagleSync provides the tools for you to create a co-curricular transcript and a ePortfolio.

Green Customize how you stay informed
Choose how you are notified about events, news, and other information-- email, EagleSync message, or text message. It's your choice!

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