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Who's Who Among Students in American Universities

Whos Who

For more than seven decades, this national program has honored outstanding campus leaders annually for their scholastic and community achievements. There is no initiation cost or membership fee to the student. The Who’s Who program was designed this way in 1934 by founder H. Pettus Randall II to ensure academic achievement was recognized regardless of a student’s financial ability to participate.

In order to apply, students must be a currently enrolled undergraduate or graduate student at USI, and must have 60 or more credits (junior/senior/graduate student status) at the conclusion of the Summer 2013 term. Selection criteria includes student scholarship, career goals, quantity and quality of student’s participation and leadership in academic and/or co-curricular activities, quantity and quality of community involvement, honors and awards, and leadership potential for future contribution to society.

Student selected to receive this honor will be recognized at the Student Leadership Awards and Recognition Ceremony in April.

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