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USI Strategic Plan Survey Results

2,666 respondents (Employees, Students, Retirees, Alumni, and Friends of USI)

Four Core Values
Identified as part of the 1st Strategic Plan

Majority believe they are still core values for USI.

  • Quality Education 92%
  • Focus on Learning 86%
  • Sense of Community 74%
  • Engagement 74%

Mission Statement
79% of USI Employees believe the current mission statement is still relevant.

"USI is an engaged learning community advancing education and knowledge, enhancing civic and cultural awareness, and fostering partnerships through comprehensive outreach programs. We prepare individuals to live wisely in a diverse and global community."

Vision Statement
85% of USI Employees believe the current vision statement is still relevant.

"Shaping the future through learning and innovation"

USI’s top strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats

Identified as part of the 1st Strategic Plan, most employees still believe the following hold true:


  • Beautiful Campus/Good Facilities - 86% agree
  • Academic Quality - 80% agree
  • Faculty/Staff Relations with Students - 77% agree


  • Low Pay/Benefits -52% agree
  • Funding - 43% agree
  • Parking Issues – 38% agree


  • Expand Student Recruitment - 70% agree
  • Addition of New Academic Programs – 69% agree
  • Marketing USI - 75% agree


  • Funding Reductions - 67% agree
  • Lack of Equality in State Funding - 58% agree
  • Competition for Students - 56% agree


Office of Planning, Research and Assessment

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