University of Southern Indiana

Strategic Goals

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Excellence in Learning for the Entire USI Community

  • Expanding our connections into the region, state, country and world.

  • Educating society with the intention to enhance our culture and economy while preparing students and representing all aspects of diversity for an evolving workforce and world.

  • Openness to diverse teaching and learning practices and processes that connect and meaningfully engage regional and global partners/stakeholders. These processes will enhance individual resourcefulness and resiliency.

Access and Opportunity by Design

  • Increasing access to higher education for all populations.

  • Developing partnerships to promote opportunities for learning and exemplify leadership in the community.

  • Creating a campus culture and climate that promotes inclusion, access to and sharing of resources, and creation of a sense of engagement about the USI community.

Purposeful and Sustainable Growth

  • Striving to achieve growth while maintaining core values and enhancing a sense of community and academic quality.

  • Emphasizing community engagement, partnerships and academic opportunities (including distance learning and international partnerships).

  • Focusing on growth in student enrollment, while maintaining quality of interdisciplinary learning and a sense of community, thus also leading to growth in faculty and staff. Growth also refers to diversity, partnerships, populations, academic programs and professional development opportunities.

Examples of Excellence in Learning for the Entire USI Community:
Diversified and experiential learning opportunities, professional development, learning amongst peers (students and faculty/staff).

Examples of Access and Opportunity by Design:
Access to education for underprivileged/underrepresented groups, creation of partnerships that promote the University, building the campus climate/culture, flexible learning opportunities, community involvement.

Examples of Purposeful and Sustainable Growth:
Growth in number of students and academic offerings- certificates, graduate, undergraduate, lifelong learning; research of trends (new students to alumni) and success rates, marketing of USI.

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