University of Southern Indiana


Continue building and expanding physical structures and investigate new improvements while retaining the beauty and naturalness of the campus

  • 2nd exit/entrance
  • Better signage
  • Build an arena/stadium
  • Classroom design - add art, better furniture
  • Eliminate boulevard
  • Improve campus structures
  • Parking/shuttle/parking garage
  • Go Green
  • Utilize current buildings and structures
  • Utilize outdoor space
  • Retain beauty of campus

Continue community connection

  • Community involvement
  • Involve parents more
  • Strengthen alumni relationships
  • Partner with other universities
  • Communicate with local media
  • Partnerships
  • Connect with local schools
  • Expand reciprocity

Continue increasing diversity

  • Internationalization
  • Diverse programs
  • More diverse population
  • Campus support of minority groups
  • More ESL (English as a Second Language Program)

Continue to increase enrollment without losing quality students (increase admission requirements)

  • Increase enrollment
  • Quality over quantity
  • Set enrollment deadlines
  • Establish an ideal campus size

Ensure USI remains a place where students can get a quality education that is affordable and accessible

  • Accessibility
  • Affordable but quality
  • Challenge students more
  • Focus on academics
  • More scholarships
  • Keep class size low

Expand educational opportunities and course selection

  • Activity hour
  • Course flexibility
  • Diversify available majors
  • Flexible courses
  • Grow graduate program
  • Increased course options
  • Music major/Larger music program
  • Out of classroom experience: internships, study abroad, etc.
  • Offer bachelors/masters of Fine Arts

Expand student activity options and support services

  • Athletics
  • Football/Division I
  • Improved bus service
  • Increase student and campus life
  • Advising emphasis
  • Increased student involvement
  • Increased student support services
  • More campus food options
  • Understand our student body
  • More, diverse housing opportunities

Improve campus communication and interconnectedness

  • Better communication
  • Better communication between departments and offices
  • Better understanding of other departments and offices
  • Better understanding of available information
  • President involvement
  • College/discipline interconnectedness
  • Campus interconnectedness

Improve our image and increase our visibility and state recognition

  • "Toot its own horn"
  • Advertise USI
  • Image improves and is respected
  • More state recognition/funding

Increase faculty and staff hires and support

  • Staff support
  • Simplify hiring process
  • Respect for faculty/ease faculty work load
  • More focus on research
  • Develop well-rounded faculty
  • Enable faculty responsibility
  • Increase faculty
  • Increase staff
  • Continued faculty training
  • Family friendly
  • Enhanced benefits
  • Spouses privileges
  • Consider employee safety in bad weather

Increase pride in USI

  • Build traditions
  • Create a USI community
  • Improve school spirit
  • USI pride

Make full use of technology

  • Improve distance learning/satellite campus
  • Improved technology
  • Increased technology
  • Expand online bookstore
  • Use technology to the fullest

Plan long-term

  • Plan for the future
  • Risk taking
  • Promote money saving ideas
  • Safety
  • Adaptable/evolving
  • New Logo

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