University of Southern Indiana

Preserve & Nurture the Campus Community


Key Strategies

  • Support the health, well being, and quality of life of our campus community
  • Build connections across campus, the buildings, and disciplines
  • Provide ongoing development for faculty, staff, and students

Year Four Update:

Preserve -our -campus -2Moving the USI Spring Commencement ceremonies back to campus with individual ceremonies for each college has enabled family and friends of graduates to experience the USI campus while also providing a more intimate graduation experience for all. Participation was at a record high in spring 2013, with 68 percent of graduates choosing to participate.

The new USI CARE Team is dedicated to providing “proactive assistance and support to students by assessing, evaluating, and responding to reports about students who present as disruptive or show concerning behavior and may need support to manage their academic and social experience at the Un iversity.” More information about the Care Team can be found online.

For employees, the family sick policy has been amended to allow the use of family sick leave to care for grandchildren. In addition, the Administrative Senate continues to provide informational learning opportunities for USI employees through its popular Tool Kit and Professional Development series.

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