University of Southern Indiana

Increase the Graduation Rate


Key Strategies

  • Provide consistent, effective advising across campus to increase accountability and ensure students are on track to graduate
  • Provide more flexible ways to gain a degree
  • Develop an effective framework for student recruitment and retention
  • Increase on-campus job opportunities for students who need financial assistance

Year Four Update:

Increase -Graduation -RateOn time graduation (within four years) has steadily increased, from 15 percent for the 2007 entering class, to 19 percent for the 2009 entering class. This trend is expected to continue as the entering characteristics of new freshmen also have steadily improved, with higher average high school GPA and SAT/ACT scores each year.

Other new changes and initiatives that will likely have a positive impact on the graduation rate include:

  • The launch of a new core curriculum, known as “Core 39” in fall 2014. The new core features reduced required credit hours as well as more streamlined course progressions that are designed to better educate and serve students.
  • Implementation of a new degree mapping software, “Degree Works”, which will provide current students with better understanding of their progress toward graduation as well as assist with academic advising.
  • Innovations in course delivery to benefit all students include expanded distance education offerings, student readiness assessment for distance education and summer schedule changes.

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