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USI Strategic Plan Survey Results

2,666 respondents (Employees, Students, Retirees, Alumni, and Friends of USI)

Four Core Values
Identified as part of the 1st Strategic Plan

Majority believe they are still core values for USI.

  • Quality Education 92%
  • Focus on Learning 86%
  • Sense of Community 74%
  • Engagement 74%

Mission Statement
79% believe the current mission statement is still relevant.

"USI is an engaged learning community advancing education and knowledge, enhancing civic and cultural awareness, and fostering partnerships through comprehensive outreach programs. We prepare individuals to live wisely in a diverse and global community."

Vision Statement
85% believe the current vision statement is still relevant.

"Shaping the future through learning and innovation"

USI’s top strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats

Identified as part of the 1st Strategic Plan, most still believe the following hold true:


  • Beautiful Campus/Good Facilities - 86% agree
  • Academic Quality - 80% agree
  • Faculty/Staff Relations with Students - 77% agree


  • Low Pay/Benefits -52% agree
  • Funding - 43% agree
  • Parking Issues – 38% agree


  • Expand Student Recruitment - 70% agree
  • Addition of New Academic Programs – 69% agree
  • Marketing USI - 75% agree


  • Funding Reductions - 67% agree
  • Lack of Equality in State Funding - 58% agree
  • Competition for Students - 56% agree

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University Vision and Mission Statement

Office of the President

Office of the Provost

Office of Planning, Research and Assessment

2016-2020 Strategic Plan

2010-2015 Strategic Plan

Dear USI Community

As we approach the final year of the 2016-2020 strategic plan, efforts are underway on the University's next strategic plan. To facilitate our efforts, I have asked Provost Mohammed Khayum and Vice President Steve Bridges to serve as co-chairs of the Strategic Planning Coordinating Committee. The committee includes the University's leadership team; chairs of the governance groups; students, alumni and community representatives; the chair of the equity, diversity and inclusion council; and our faculty representative serving on the Indiana Commission for Higher Education.

This committee has been charged with: (1) establishing a process to ensure there is active engagement of the USI community in the formulation and execution of the University's third strategic plan; (2) reviewing the 2010-2015 and 2016-2020 strategic plans with a focus on lessons learned; (3) being cognizant of our current financial realities as part of the environmental scan; (4) giving appropriate attention to measurement and identification of performance indicators in the design of the strategic plan, and (5) developing  the plan in a timely manner and moving expeditiously toward University-wide implementation.

Based on recent survey responses from the campus community regarding strategic planning questions, we have already obtained your valuable insights about our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats; our core values; and considerable support and many suggestions related to our existing vision and mission statements. Next steps will include providing a summary of your survey responses, which will be shared by Dr. Katherine Draughon, USI's chief data officer. Development of a central repository is underway to house this data, new data and information gathered along the way, and to share overall progress. Our goal is to have a plan ready for submission to the Board of Trustees for approval at their summer retreat.

I would like to thank all of you who have expressed interest in working with us and to those who have already made their voices known through initial survey responses. There will be a variety of opportunities to participate in this process.

Please keep engaging. We must be a catalyst for change and a university on the front end of creating a talented, educated citizenry that meets the entrepreneurial and workforce needs of our society. It is essential we change and move boldly together.

Ronald S. Rochon
USI President